Road Warriors

Discussion in 'RLC' started by dpm_mirkin, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. Road Warriors Thu 5 Feb 2230hrs on ITV 1, CLPs from Herrick 10.
  2. Really? Is it a time travel show as well?
  3. Well spotted that man!
  4. Might catch a glimpse of my good self!
  5. Just a reminder about this program tonight. I was talking to freinds of mine still in at the last Tank Transporter reunion in November and apparently they feature quite heavily, so my wife will have to look forwards to an evening of me going 'Oooh, I know him', and other annoying commentry by me. Mind you, she'll proberbly just go to bed before it starts!
  6. Tank Transporter reunion - oh I bet the anecdotes are incredible.

    "You call that a traffic Jam - I caused a 20 mile tailback once"

    "Ooooh I can beat that by a full 3 miles"

    " Remember that time we blocked the A1?

    " and that time I had to do a 37 point turn"

    " I hit 35 mph once - my motorbike escort nearly had to change gear"
  7. Must have had it in neutral going down hill :)
  8. But, if you live in Scotland, you will need to have a Sky or Virgin box to get this. If you turn on STV tonight, expecting Road Warriors you will get Politics Now.
  9. In sunny ireland you get UTV ..............and guess what they aint showing it !!

    try the itv player!
  10. from what ive seen and heard could be quite embarrasing for the Corps at times, Drivers taking wrong turns, women in convoys crying ect, but hopfully will show us a good light and promote and highlight the excellant work being carried out by the RLC. And DRLC said it looks good in the last edition of the Corps Comic
  11. There were no tears from men on Ross Kemp's documentaries then?
  12. There certainly may have benn, but because its women it will get blown out of proportion, I think the show will be excellant and cant wait to see it,
  13. looks good this program tonight looking forward to it. i cant wait to get out there
  14. You are not even "in" so how are you going to get "out" there?
  15. ITV London - Sky channel 993