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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Joshing-lens, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. The 'Your Vehicular Evolution' got me thinking about some of the trips done in the old motors, armed with a bag of spanners a mole wrench and a screw driver we would happily go anywhere. South to the Mediterranean North to Scandinavia confident in the knowledge of a good time and the ability to keep the motor running.

    These 2 or 3 week long trips we used to describe as a road trip, if we went from home to the lake district (2 hour drive ) that was a day out.

    I noticed several people now describing going to the beach as a road trip. Its 2 hours away FFS, have times changed so much that no one really travels long distance by road and that a 70 mile drive is a adventure?

    For me then and now the journey was always more important than the destination and that ability to change a plan because you looked at a map and that hill/town/river looked interesting a few miles away. Cant do that with GPS.

    Do you still go on road trips with the only destination being to arrive back at your house in a week or 2?
  2. If anyone tries to organise anything that involves Xbox denial for longer than 24 hours, the whole singlie block goes into lock down!
  3. Morrocco and back in my Discovery in1997. Over the Atlas mountains and all that good stuff

    Also up to Alaska a couple of times whilst on hols in Canada. Good bear spotting opportunities.

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  4. A colleague at work did the Wacky Rally a month or so ago, which has the potentisal to be a classic road trip.
    Lille to Barcelona to Barcelona 2012&routeId=17

    He didn't turn it into a huge piss-up, though which was disappointing. I wouldn't mind a stab at it but I'd have to find some sucker who don't drink so I can get wankered the whole way (I might drive in the afternoon when I'd sober up?)
  5. My brother and I once borrowed a pay corporal's bright yellow Mk2 Escort to go from Munster to watch West Ham play. Said pay bloke says "It needs a little choke to get going" so I pulls out the choke which just keeps coming leaving me holding a small black knob with about 3' of wire attached.

    We got the car started which showed the next problem - blown exhaust! Bro works in theatre so he nips to med stores to get some plaster of paris bandages and I go to my room for an empty beer can and we make a quick repair. We then spent the next 6 or so hours stopping every other services to repair our repair. If anyone is ever in the same situation I recommend Schocomelk tins as they are made of the most substantial metal!

    After the game we went to the Macworth Arms for a few sherbs before kipping in the car for the night. The next day we were in a boozer near Harley Street enjoying a beer or two on the pavement benches with it being such a nice day. A traffic warden came along and told us we were illegally parked but that she wouldn't give us a ticket since we were foreigners (I still love the irony of two Londoners being called that by a woman with the thickest Caribbean accent I've ever heard) anyway a bit of banter ensued and we persuaded her to give us a ticket for a souvenir. We took a lazy swing via the Cambridge Military Hospital QA billets and set off the next morning having re-stocked up on PoP bandages and empty beer cans.

    We eventually made it back to Munster where said Pay bloke was having a bit of a hissy fit. I thought you said you were just taking it for a test drive you fuckwits!
  6. I think clarkson does it now and then, then once the film is wrapped they call it a challege..
  7. I once lent my car to a bunch of the guys to take to Luxemburg on a road trip, I was there when they drove back in. It was missing a wing mirror and they were all climbing out of the windows, absolutely shiters, cos the doors were stuck. Still I was leathered myself so didn't really give a toss.
  8. Four Subbies decide on a 'road trip': drive from Episkopi to Kyrenia, have a great lunch and copious quantity of beer and wine, buy a fez each, drive back through Nicosia wearing said fezzes then to the Mess for last orders. Had change out of 20 quid.
  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Drove to Malaga from Nottingham in 2010, through France. And drove to Paris last year, for the weekend.
  10. Road trips are fantastic if you have a decent co-driver. My regular partner is a complete poof when it comes to drinking: he is shitfaced after a couple of drinks and in bed by 22:00, so he does all the morning driving while I sober up.

    Recent trips: Budapest - Guinea Bissau (more of an off-road rally), Budapest - Geneva (delivering a mate's Porsche 959), Budapest - Salzburg - Klagenfurt - Vienna - Budapest (visiting all 3 'Babylon' brothels), Budapest - Taormina via Split and Bari (pissup).

    It helps if the car is one of the following: seriously flash, extremely comfortable, so bad it's good (e.g. LandRover Defender 110) or very fast. I'm happy with sleeping in a tent on the journey, but I prefer luxury hotels and amazing scoff.
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  11. 1983, 2CV, 1 week: Windsor to Viechtach (SE Germany) via overnight Sheerness-Vlissingen Ferry. Days out from Viechtach including Austria but it was shut (Sunday). Back via Luxembourg.

    1986, Citroen Visa II Super E, 15 days: Sunbury to Viechtach (as before), two days there then onto Udine (Italy) and Adriatic via Austria and Switzerland. Couldn't find a camp site so on to Nice (France) and Med. Should have left after two days but the weather was nice in Nice, phoned boss and told him I'd be late back (5 days). From there followed French/German border up to Holland and back from there. Motorways going south, side roads going back.

    First child arrived the following year, putting freedom on hold :(
  12. That looks a great laugh, might look in to doing it next year. As Dread said though, need a decent co-driver, most of my mates have **** all sense of direction, the map reading skills of a toddler and the drinking ability to match. I wouldn't trust any of the bastards driving anyway.

    Last 'roadtrip' I was on was a little potter through the back roads of the highlands. The one before that was a jolly down to Spain, not too amazing on the way down solo, but brilliant on the way back up with company.
  13. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Did Udine last year for a Mosaic conference. interesting place.
  14. Interesting car park. Due to roadworks in one of the alpine tunnels, arrived there at about 21:00 instead of 15:00. Campsites wouldn't answer their phones, so no pitch for the night. Also, the delay meant that the currency exchange places at the border were closed by the time I got there - got a bit of local currency by filling up at a petrol station, offering a DM100 note and gesturing "take it or leave it." After being kept awake all night by twats on their mopeds attempting doughnuts in the car park, went down to one of the Adriatic beaches, dipped the wife's toe in the water and fucked off to France.
  15. Being BAOR based in the early 80's meant a few long weekend trips to points south were had, went to Italy just to have a pizza and broke down on the Brenner Pass in both directions.

    Went down to Nice to have a look at the Russian church as we weren't allowed to go to Russia to see the real ones.