Road Trip 2012

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by the_guru, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. Am off on the 2012 Road Trip on Wed. Leave London early afternoon and a quick zot down to Dover. Hop over the Channel and an overnighter in the Lens region of N France. Thurs is a ride through Belgium, down through Luxembourg to Strasbourg and over the Rhein at Kehl. A quick blat down the A5 and overnight in the Freiburg region. Friday takes us over the border into Switzerland at Basel, round Lake Lugano, down through the Gotthard tunnel to Chiasso and into Bella Italia. Down to Milan and off along the A1 through Modena and onto Rimini. Spend the weekend at the San Marino MotoGP at Misano with paddock pass kindly supplied by a mutual Arrser then reverse the route starting on Monday morning. I'm on the Multistrada and am really looking forwards to it. Being accompanied by a mate who will be on a Fireblade. He's going to be fooked.

    Pics can be provided on successful RTU.
  2. I did a similar distance (120 miles shorter) through France a couple of weeks ago. I smashed it from the 'shot down to Lyon in a oner only stopping to refuel, it took about 12 hrs, I was tempted to push on to the Med from there but it seemed a good time to find somewhere to get my napper down. Day 2 was a leisurely 5 hrs from Lyon to Perpignan, with views of the Alps and the Pyrenees. I was half tempted to crack on to Gibralta but chinned it off in favour of monging it in the Med and getting shiters for a few days. On the return leg I overnighted at Dijon before killing time at Arras and Vimy whilst waiting for the ferry.

    The tolls are a bit of a bitch but the trip was well worth it.
  3. I'm looking forwards to it. Sounds like your trip was a good one. I'm kicking it off from The Shot too. Just going into work first in town and doing an early one.
  4. I'm planning on doing a cycle tour next year. In order to gain some life experience. Going from Canada, to Europe (hopefully, if my immigration gets sorted out :-x) go SOMEWHERE in Europe, to somewhere else, to somewhere else. Hell, who knows how long I'll be on the road for.

    By then I'll have hopefully figured out what it is that I want to do with my life.

    By the way, any ideas where I might find a cheap-er touring bike? <$1000.


  5. Do you mean motorcycle and Canadian dollars?
  6. Preferably CAD, yeah. And yes, I mean bicycle...

    Cheers, hawky.
  7. If you're going from Canada to Europe on a bicycle may I recommend you inflate your tyres to 900 PSI.

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  8. Hawky you probably could find a bike for 600 quid over here but I'd be fucked if I would ride round Europe on it. Double your budget and you'd be safe. There are bikes out there for that sort of cash, no doubt.
  9. Watch the A5 by Freiburg,there are roadworks with contra flow and long tailbacks :sad:
    This link gives you all the roadworks : Baustellen-Informationssystem Baden-Wrttemberg
    Enjoy yourselves drive safely and watch out for the cops!
  10. Cheers. Went through them this afto around 1500 and the traffic was pretty light. Having a bike helps though.

    I'm down near the border with Switzerland. 400 plus miles from Valenciennes today. Freezing down through Luxembourg. Had the heated grips on for an hour or so.

    Multistrada is great. Knocks the miles out so easily. Bit of a sore backside, but apart from that, it's been a piece of piss so far. Another 400 odd to Rimini tomorrow.

    Just scoffed a jägerschnitzel and followed it up with a spaghetti eis. Yummy.
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  11. Had a toppers time in Misano. On the way back. Smashed out 517 miles in 7 hours today from Rimini to Strasbourg. Not bad accounting for stops for fuel, tolls, borders and traffic.
    Rest of the way back tomorrow. Been a good trip.
  12. Youre an hour from me! (Well 3/4 if you drive like a maniac:p)
    Glad you got through Freiburg OK the last time I was down that way it took me nearly 3hours from Karlsruhr to Freiburg.
    If you go up into the Black Forest there are some fantastic roads for a bike or a sports car or forget that there are some great bits of road round Heidelberg.
  13. Nah, I'm holed up in a Formule 1 to the N of Strasbourg. I'm up early doors to do the long boring but through Metz / Rheims towards Calais. Back home in time for a Ruby tomorrow night.

    Here's a snifter of how close I got to the action at the track :)

  14. t_g Sounds as though you've had fun on the MS.
    If you are doing many miles each day consider getting an AirHawk seat pad.
    BTW is it compulsory now to wear high-viz jackets when biking in France?
    Spaz that whole area down by Perpignan is just glorious riding v. jealous.
  15. You don't have to wear Hi Viz, but carry it. Also 2 x breathylzers. I left Strasbourg at 0700. Arrived in Calais at 1145. 390 miles. Average 82 MPH. Bike breezed it.