Road to named named after John Howard


A SOLDIER killed by a bomb in Northern Ireland nearly 20 years ago is to have a street named after him in his hometown.

Sudbury Town Council has decided to commemorate Warrant Officer John Howard as the British Army withdraws from the province this week.

WO Howard was two weeks into a six month tour of duty when he stood on a pressure plate triggering the lethal blast in July 1988.

The 30-year-old from Sudbury is commemorated on the war memorial, at the Conservative club and the Scout headquarters, but the council believe the timing of this honour is especially significant.

Sylvia Byham, town council member, said: “I knew John well and I remember speaking to him before he left for Northern Ireland.

“He was a lovely boy and his father John is still well known in the town. I thought it was about time we did something like this.”

Mrs Byham said the gesture would hopefully go some way to healing painful memories of the Irish conflict for the region and servicemen's families affected by it.

The soldier's father, also called John, expressed his pride in his son and in the honour given to him to name the street Howard's Way.

“I am happy with this decision,” said Mr Howard. “It shows respect for the people who served in Ireland - not just John but all of them. I am very proud of him.

“He liked being in the army very much and it was a career he pursued straight after leaving school.”

WO Howard had lived in the town since he was six years of age had attended Sudbury Grammar School before serving with the 321 Explosive Ordinance Detachment.

He left a wife Beverley who came from Great Waldingfield who later moved to Cambridge.

Howard's Way is the first new street named under the council naming scheme - the second is expected to be that of Mark Catesby the 17th C illustrator and botanist from Sudbury who catalogued many of North America's flora and fauna. Aug 2007 20:40:52:373
Sometimes, when I feel at the end of my tether with this bloody stupid country and the self serving fools that run it, little things happen, that, just for a moment make you pause and remember that all isn't rotten in UK.

This is one of those times.

Good on Sudbury for showing that "We will remember them," are more than just words to be trotted out once a year.
A brave man, still remembered by many who served with 321 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company (as it was) and across the trade.

Well done that council.
Although not a member of the RLC, I know the important role played by them in the Army. It warms my heart to know that there are communities out there showing their support for the fallen heroes of this country.

Well done, Sudbury, you are a role model to other communities. :D :D
Nice, but it would be better if they named it John Howard way, this would then provoke the question by the uninformed "Who is John Howard", which would therefore preserve the memory, or alternatively a plaque detailing who John was and the ultimate sacrifice would be a nice touch.
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