Road to Hell is Paved...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. I don't want to sound like a racist/bigot anti-Islamic, but..

    Where a Faith pronounces that a man must lead a chaste and strict life free of the degrading influence of alcohol and stimulants, shielded from the accidental stimulation of base urges by having all women covered in sheets from head to toe..etc. espoused by the more fundamentalist branch of the Muslim religion prevalent in Saudi Arabia under the Wahabi sect and adherence is 'encouraged' by religious police there to assist you and to beat the crap out of and arrest those who would cause you to stray from the true path one has to wonder when others, outside the realm, but intimately familiar with the workings of the true believers, point out some inconsistencies in their practise of their faith.

    Of course, it is not the failing of the religion but of the men/followers.

    There has been a bit in the press lately about a proposed bridge/causeway linking Egypt at Sharm el Sheikh to Saudi Arabia and what this would mean to the local economy and 'friendly relations'. One group claims that the area would benefit from the influx of Saudi oil bucks and trade and commerce transit, etc. etc.. Others are concerned that the conservative Saudi outlook on religion would put restrictions on the area and that Russian and European tourists who flock there to lay about on the beaches in their scanties and next-to--nothings would be offended and offend causing friction and Islamic backlash and, of course, stay away killing the local economy.

    But a third group claims that the area would suffer more from the hypocracy of the Saudi's who would flock there, as they have in Bahrain, when the causeway was opened between Arabia and the small kingdom, looking for booze and women " The place became a whorehouse" claimed an unnamed media source.

    Do we blame the Faith or the failure of the faithful to live up to the ideals promulgated by the Prophet?

    Can we condemn this with the same vehemence we pooh pooh the rantings of a Southern Baptist Bible thumper who shouts that homosexuality is the work of the Devil and then is caught in a sleazy motel ' counselling' a young member of his flock?

    And, since this is the NAAFI, can we have a whip round to fund the building of a upscale Bordello in Sharm.. I've been there and there's still a nice piece of real estate, close to the Sheraton we could get at a fair market price, if we move quickly.. Egypt's economy being what it is, they're looking for 'western' investment' and, if the bridge-link goes through.. well, busloads [ sorry, limousine loads ] of oil rich 'princes' looking for choice 'loose women' and a selection of good drinking opportunities, might be worth a glance or two toward lining pockets and building the retirement nest...
  2. I love when posts start with this!

    The main problem is not morals, or ethics, its religion. Pure and simple. The quicker these people realise that what they are wasting their lives for is the rantings of a paedophile camel-herder, the better.

    Re. Arrse Brodello in Sharm, i'd happily add my two-penneth (all I got, the wife got to the cash point before me) to the venture!
  3. I like to sound like a racist/bigoted/anti Islamic,,that is because I am a racist bigoted Muslim hater,,and building bridges anywhere between soft muslims and hard muslims is a non starter with me,,after all they are all f**kin black/brown muslims who want to make my missus put on funny clothes and want to fiddle with my grandkids.......
  4. I don't want to sound like a cunt who doesn't care, but I don't fucking care.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    And you're a cunt.
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  6. Don't know, what do we blame the Brits doing the same thing in Spain and Greece on?
  7. Margaret Thatcher? She gets blamed for most things after all.
  8. It's the Drunken Brits Abroad that the Tourists & Big Beardy Religious Fanatics should be scared of, more than lathi wielding Religious Policemen... oops.

    Someone has just posted a 'Thinwa' on me other Blog Forum.... keeps calling me a Tory Troll....

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