road to guantanamo

did anyone watch this last night? If so what did you think?

personally I didn't believe one word the detainees were saying - it just didn't wash! Do they really expect me to believe they were in afghanistan sightseeing or whatever and ended up with talaban fighters in Kabul because they were ushered onto the wrong bus? (long series of 'unfortunate' events even leading up to this)

Who am I to say they were guilty obviously, im just expressing my opinion. I have to credit them though, they found it in them to include the portrayal of the 'nice guards' who talked and helped them out - a lot of people might not have wanted to show that side.
One of the Brits could prove he was on remand at the time the US were telling him he was at Osama's rally; the other was working in Curry's. Assuming that's true, it doesn't fill me with confidence.
I wonder what they were doing in Talibanistan in the first place - but I certainly don't believe the US trawl didn't net some innocents, do you?
It was a good film, However I did take it with a pinch of salt. I tend to not believe anything that comes from an American mouth these days, And why would anyone spend a stag party in Kabul?
And if that’s the way a so called civilized nation treats Prisoners/Detainees/Terroists/ me Eichmann got better treatment than that lot
On balance, their story is believable. If they were intent on wreaking jihad havoc, a prolonged period of "robust" interrogation would have revealed their complicity.

They didn't exactly come across as highly skilled and competent terrorists! More like thrill-seekers who were lucky to escape with their lives. Most of us at that age do something stupid and, if something is dangerous or out of bounds, it is more alluring. How many times are orders breached?

I can see that the prisoner processing in Afghanistan may cause hand-wringing, but the measures seemed appropriate given the unpredictable nature of the threat. Guantanamo however, is a disgrace that should not be perpetrated by a so-called civilised society.
It's a hard call. I think that the veneer of TV makes you want to sit on the fence at best. I thought they were innocent after seeing the outcome, i.e. the wedding in Pakistan, but they never truly justified why they were in Afghan in the first place. All seems very hazy and left the viewer in limbo.

I can't believe how OTT the Spams were when handling them in GuanT. That was believable as the Americans are always too gung ho like that, but i had to laugh at the Extreme Team or whatever they were called, when they marched in like the Keystone Cops, 1-2-1-2 etc, WTF!!!!

They were like the Spanish Guards off Blackadder ( the one where Hugh Lawrie is the German Master of Disguise).
I felt they were more stupid than dangerous. I wonder what the Americans actually hoped to achieve with their interrogation - no die hard Al Quaeda guy would ever admit it , they would probably just say nothing at all.
Given that the "Road to Guantanomo Bay" has a certain agenda, I would think that any scene or explanation should be viewed as advancing that agenda, rather than as a factual depiction of events.

For a more critical view of Begg and his associates and the whole Camp X-Ray issue, may I suggest Brendan O'Neill' article on
sounds like they were not hard core al qaedia but useful idiots :( not exactly needing 2 years of interrogation to discover that.
I wonder how many more at gitmo are hard core al qaedia or were just unlucky?
just because there not exactly whiter than white does'nt mean locking them up for two years giving them a hard time and charging them with nothing at all is the right thing to do.
either there dangerous terrorists or there not pretty piss poor torturers if it takes them 2 years to figure that out :roll:
Who the fcuk goes to Afghnistan to get marreid all the women have table cloths over their head. Very fishy if you ask me no normal people go there for a 'holiday'.
The only thing wrong with the fairy story is that these people were released.

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