Road testing the Cougar

Tartan_Ninja said:
Older_by_the_day said:
A lot less than that!! (is it an OPSEC issue?)

These things look massive! Shame they're not replacing the snatch...
What is replaceing the snatch...the Pin/Armoured thing?

and the amount of bodies in snatch depend on Equipt fit and role of unit!
Feck knows mate, knowing the way things are they probably won't and will just "supliment it" with FLCVs and the cougar.

Good steer away on the snatch question :p
I think it just means if you gun it you can hit 65, but it'll cruise at 55 comfortably.
Aw fck.

What's the school run in Kensington & Chelsea going to be like now?
Quote from the Times

"The Cougars and 150 Vector vehicles, also purchased by the MoD, will be delivered in batches to Iraq and Afghanistan over the next six months."

What is a Vector ?
Good enough for USMC.... they don't have the money to throw about unlike the Army, so they spendwisely, all that extra gumpf we're putting on it, effect the performance, were the stats stated before or after our add-ons?

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