Road testing the Cougar

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by polyglory, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. More stuff

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  2. Amerwica fck yeah!
  3. Can we have some?.....think it would be better than The Snatch wagons
    Where do you put yer Brew?
    And is it "Jock Proof"? :wink:

    Is it not a wee bit big for some places? :?
  4. How many blokes can you get in a Snatch ?
  5. A lot less than that!! (is it an OPSEC issue?)

    These things look massive! Shame they're not replacing the snatch...
  6. What is replaceing the snatch...the Pin/Armoured thing?

    and the amount of bodies in snatch depend on Equipt fit and role of unit!
  7. Feck knows mate, knowing the way things are they probably won't and will just "supliment it" with FLCVs and the cougar.

    Good steer away on the snatch question :p
  8. Dont worry....saying nothing....NOT that daft..
    you never know who is reading this stuff..... :wink:
    The Walts and the bad guys can go on guessing! :D
  9. :)

    And the journos too....
  10. "Speed is 55MPH or 65MPH for short sprints"

    How does that work then?
    does it have NOS for those times when you really need an extra 10MPH but should do it too often?
  11. I think it just means if you gun it you can hit 65, but it'll cruise at 55 comfortably.
  12. Sorry, was meant to be a joke on the word "Snatch"
  13. Aw fck.

    What's the school run in Kensington & Chelsea going to be like now?