Road Tax: another Liarbor U turn

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Plans to charge millions of motorists increased vehicle duty will be delayed as part of the Government's tax-cutting package to revive the ailing economy, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.

    Well, what a surprise. An astonishingly bad and grossly unfair retrospective tax to be dropped and no doubt that will be all dressed up as a brilliant idea to help save the economy.
  2. Suits me
    I have a 2001 Discovery and I gambled on the road tax rises being dropped when I bought it. It was cheaper than a year older model simply because of the proposed hike in duty.
    We can expect Mr Brown to pull lots of stuff like this out of the bag faor a year or so in an atempt to get re-elected.
  3. What makes me laugh is that is that it gets trailed as a tax cut, when it isn't even in force yet
  4. It's not been dropped, only delayed. If you are a taxpayer expect to pay through the teeth for Gordons moves, especially the one where he is going to borrow billions on your behalf to give to you in tax concessions [for a while] which is nice [not!]
  5. Oh I don't know.
    I'm kind of looking at it all along the lines that I have until the next election to get my financial house in order and prepared for hard times.
    Brown will do anything until then to create the illusion all is well in the hope of getting re-elected.
  6. So,

    Cash/Credit Crisis aside.

    They annouce the new VED rates and inturn destroy the 4x4/Large car market...
    Have cost many large car owners, that have recentley sold there cars, Thousands in depriciation.
    Have forced Dealerships to pay 3 years VED in order for them to be able to shift cars..

    And now they change there mind.

    I fail to see what the difference is between this governmental incompetance, and the insider dealing that has brought several large banks to there knee's.