Road speed limit cut to 50mph

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Won't make any difference anyway mate as too many people will continue to ignore limits. If they were harsher on those who kicked the arrse out of it, we'd probably be fine as we are.
  2. A "Cash Cow" :x
    Nothing else no matter how they dress it up!
  3. Spot on. With 2 million uninsured drivers on our roads they must gather lost revenue (and then some) by other means (in addition to our £30 insurance premium). In this country you either break the law and pay nothing or obey the law and pay twice.
  4. FFS
    Are they trying to turn us back to the stone age?I really have had enough of these muppets.
  5. Won't make any difference as you can never get upto 50 MPH on most A roads anyway!
  6. Driving at 50mph does save a lot of fuel. When I trog around Euroland I drive at 80kph and get some very reasonable returns.
    I can tell that other drivers realise that I am doing my bit to save the planet because they always wave, flash their lights and use the horn as they come past me. I assume this done to encourage me? :lol:
  7. If every speeder elected for a court case,the courts would clog up in no time.

    It's not always the speed that kills,it's the driving ability and attitude of the driver.(await incoming)

    We need an election more urgently than ever,this is another blanket money making popularity waning idea by tw@ts that have cars and drivers at their beck and call.
  8. Nothing like blind optimism is there? :D

    Hailing from a rural area that some view as a rally race, I quite agree. However, why drop the speed limit? Just drop certain areas, possibly even increase the speed limits on the motorwayss.

    And be prepared to pay out legal bills and compo no doubt?
  9. Around Pompey there has been an introduction of a 20mph limit in certain areas; having seen the ability of some of the old counts in my village I would say that even that's too fast for them.
  10. Jeezer's going to go nuts!
  11. One can only assume that the number of GATSO cameras will increase accordingly on these Rural roads to enforce this lower limit. They'll make a fecking fortune milking drivers dry. FFS!!!!!
  12. Hang on a mo, if the limit for cars is going to be reduced by 10mph (for safety reasons) does that mean that HGVs will have to move 10mph slower. If so then some delivery services (next day etc) will cease to be viable. I wonder if the thought of cross country trips at 40ish is enough to get lorryists ;) up in arms ?

    edit: to add pretty picture

  13. The link mentions average speed cameras. So no slowing down then speeding back up when you've passed the pain in the arse.
  14. Its not the speed that kills, its hitting a solid object at speed that does the damage :)