Road safety wardens (oaps in high vis)

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by flynavy, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. These roadside safety wardens - just old age pensioners in hi vis jackets with a speed gun out in the community.
    Do they have any jurisdiction if they zap you whilst you are speeding thru their small hamlets?

    They are out in my local village nearly every day no matter what the weather, i am often tempted to wind my window down and shout "get a life" but don't know how i stand, i have seen them writing down peoples registrations as they clock them - but what happens next?
  2. Big Pensioner is watching you!!
  3. No they don't have any powers at all,it is usually part of a speedwatch scheme that some forces use.

    Here's how it works,the locals clock your car speeding using the device,car reg taken,logged and passed to police.Police send out a bland notice informing the registered keeper of the event and asking them not to do it again.Simple as.
  4. And records it on force intelligence. So when you end up in court for whatever motor offence and try the "it's only me first, c'mon Your Honour, be nice, I won't do it again, honest" they can wheel out evidence of your sh1t driving to the court.

    If you don't want to be harassed by the law regarding your speed, then the solution is probably to stick to the speed limit. Sounds a bit boring, but keeps that licence nice and empty.
  5. Then give them the one fingured salute as you go pass :D
  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Or run them over and tell the Judge your just back from the Gan and you've been working with THEM and you thought it was a fire arm being pointed at you and your razor sharp steely eyed death dealing instincts just took over and you didn't mean to crush the dear old pensioner against the tree.

  7. Round here they couldn't record Coronation Street with the fcukin dvd player instructions in front of them, so I wouldn't worry too much :wink:

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  8. Whatever happened to letting your neighbour get on with their life in peace as opposed to spying on them for the regime?

    Old Misha would be proud. Good to see his dream carried on after his death.
  9. If you really tank it they won't be able to note your number quickly enough, hence no registraion, no nasty letter. Simples
  10. Top idea; you'll also save the State a ton of dosh in coffin dodger care home fees.

    Its what they'd have wanted.

  11. Its easy enough mate. Dont fooking speed thru our villages or any where else for that matter.
  12. Ooo arrrrr
  13. Im all in favour of driving above the limit where sensible to do so. Within small villages where dodery old pensioners live is not my definition of where sensible to do so. If you are speeding through residential areas you deserve what you get.
  14. exactly want to drive like a twat go to the middle of nowhere so nobody else is bother by your stupid behaviour .
    tearing through lanes and villages is just bloody stupid
  15. Drive past slowly with your windows down and car sound system thundering out some bangin' choons - that will drive em up the wall!