Road Safety Egypt

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pork_Pie, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Egypt has recently introduced some new road safety laws.

    BBC Link

    New laws or not, still not sure I'd like to drive there.
  2. It is mad driving there.... if you meet a car at night ( the middle of the desert), they switch their lights off, as they don't want to dazzle the other driver! I pointed out to my Egyptian mates that this is why Allah permitted the invention of the dipped headlight...
  3. What gets me is their use of the horn as a form of indication, warning, thanking and greeting.

    Damned innovative.
  4. The taxi drivers in Trogir would drive back to DJ Barracks in Croatia on the wrong side of the road with their lights off if you paid them some extra dib dobs.

    Err, not that I ever partook in any such reckless behaviour whilst working diligently on Op Palatine :oops:
  5. Came across a similar thing in Iraq where they turn the lights off to "save the battery". They also used to turn off the generator because "it's tired"
    one day they may get a grip on the 21st Century:?
  6. Inshallah driving. They literally think they will only get to their destination safely if Allah wills it so they pay no attention to safety or the real world and that's why they have such huge accident rates.

    2nd page -

    Culturally they are just not very bright.
  7. Isn't this the place where the driving test consists of controlling the car 50 yards forwards and 9 yards in reverse?
    Or is that just an urban legend?

    I think they need an explanation and translation of "Allah helps those who help themselves"?

    Not biblical or toranic or quaranic or in any religious teaching but words of Conventional Wisdom & Commonsense.
  8. Never be on the road in the last half hour before sunset in a muslim country during ramadamadingdong.
  9. Here in Saudi, the traffic lights are accoustically operated. When they turn red, you sound your horn as long as you can, and presto! A minute or so later the lights turn to green. It works every time. We should get these traffic lights installed in the UK.
  10. LOL! Have to say that I suspect a broken horn is the leading cause of vehicles being put in the shop by folks in Cairo... they sure can't seem to operate 'em without constantly honking at everything.
  11. Great isn't it! 1 honk = left, 2 honks = right, 3 honks = left or right, Allah hasn't decided yet, 4 honks = any of the above!