Road running...sore calfs

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by carlbcfc, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. Ive recently been running a 3.3 mile route on the road. Only done it twice now but fukc me are my calfs sore. I usually run on the treadmill and had no problems. Im using proper running shoes AND a pair of superfeet insoles.

    Now is this just my calfs adjusting to the road and tearing to build new muscle and the pain will die eventually as they become used to it or do i have a problem?
  2. You get used to it.

    There's no give on tarmac compared to a treadmil, so your calves have to take a lot more punishment.

    Calf raises and stretching off a step (for extra ROM).
  3. Make sure to have adequate warmups and stretching before AND after a good run.

    I also find that having a shower where you alternate cold/hot water seems to reduce the pain that you feel the next day. No idea why, it just works. :wink:
  4. Cheers. I hope it gets better soon as im walking like ive shite myself.
  5. i had this, get in the shower and have the water as hot as you can bear it, make circular motions with the shower head around the muscle heating it up like when being used and this somehow relieves the pain(do it before bed i found works best)
  6. Alternatively man up and take it as a sign you that you didnt do enough PT before.
  7. I have read studies that point to the likelihood of injuries increasing if you perform static stretches prior to exercise. The reasoning being that you overstretch the muscle, remove elasticity from it and thus there isn't as much strength left to absorb the impact (the study itself was done on quad stretching and injuries sustained and strength development from squatting).
  8. once you have finished your run, you can try sitting on the floor with your legs raised on a chair or similar to prevent the build up of lactic acid in your lower legs.

    This could also be complete rubbish but if it works for you then why not.
  9. Could be your trainers/boots mate i used to get wicked bad pain in my calves from running got a pair of decent running trainers and it disappeared completely just like that, and i dont even warmup or anything before running so was deffo the reason why...give it a try. (see a biomechanics expert to get insoles maybe?)
  10. I'll have to look into that - i've been doing it for years!

    Ok, ignore the stretches for now - i suppose a good warm up should help reduce the calf pain anyway.
  11. That's the thing about studies, there are always others that come out to counter argue the point the first one made, and so on for many years.

    If you're comfortable doing what you're doing, keep at it. I was just throwing it out there as devils advocate :twisted: .

    Personally I jog lightly for 5 minutes, do some bounding for the calves and leg swings with the hamstrings and start the main session of the run. I have a decent stretch afterwards.
  12. I must be wierd then haha i never warmup for anything unless im made to and i never have any issues. Infact i think ive gained more niggling injuires when i have wamred up i.e. stretching/bounding. I think each to their own.. worth trying everything once though!
  13. Again, everyones got a different view on the matter of stretching. I was told never to bound as it increases the risk of injury!
  14. Stretch off after a run, static stretches have been shown to give little or no benefit before exercise. What you need to do before exercise is dynamic stretches, stretching with the movement rather than going into the stretch then out of it.

    The calfs problem is likely caused becasue treadmill running is alot easier than road running and your legs are getting used to it. Don't worry, it'll ease off after a while.
  15. I hope so. Im converted now, much better on the road, i actually enjoy it.