Road Rage. What would you do...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mugatu, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. If your were the cyclist?

  2. Well - I'd like to say "apply both thumbs to the pupils of his eyes and keep pressing til I hit bone" but then I'd be in a bit of bother now, wouldn't I?
  3. Do what that guy did...put it on youtube and any other way of getting it out to people so his mates will see what a total fuck wit he is...and pass the vid to the Police. Although I wouldn't apologise like that cyclist did.
  4. Nut him.

  5. Look at that flat cap. Fucking Emmerdale walt.
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  6. TBH, he was in Kent, so probably! Didn't read the report properly, just realised it happened in Romford, say no more, the place is a shithole, full of wannabes!
  7. Just liked one of the comments below the article:

    "My deaf friend, using lip reading, has interpreted what he was saying before he got to the bike, it goes:

    Whatsa matter you, hey, have-a-no respect
    What you think you do hey, why you looking so sad
    It's a nice a day , it's a nice a place

    Oi shutuppa your face"
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  8. Why is it these chavvy fuckwits never gob off at steely eyed dealers of brain damage ??.

    It would have been great watching that bloke get his man flange kicked in by the cyclist; a sure fire youtube hit :eye:
  9. It's Romford, The London Road, A118. I know it well, I'm very sorry to say. The altercation started at the Brewery car park, the junction with Waterloo Road.
    Normal for Romford. 'The Only Way is Essex' in real life.

    PS I really liked the teeth, it looks like someone has adjusted the gaps between them with a saw-set. There's a good orthodontist just up the road.

    Specialist dentist in Romford, Essex. Cosmetic dentistry, dental reconstruction (prosthodontics), & braces (orthodontics)

    PPS Probably the thing to do is what the cyclist did.
    Physical violence is only sensible if you've had lots of practice and are confident of winning, or if there's no alternative.
    The cyclist has probably had this happen previously. So be apologetic, video it, post it on Youtube, complain to the Police (and be told it's a civil matter).

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  10. Fucking cyclists.........scum of the earth.

    Expect everybody to make way for them whilst they ignore the Highway Code.

    Deserve all they get.
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  11. Is that fence a bit splintery banker man :nod:
  12. I failed to notice what did the cyclist do, other than dare to use the same road as the silver Fiesta?

    Of course it's hard to tell from the video but he didn't appear to be weaving in and out of traffic and generally doing his own thing as is the style in Westminster/central London
  13. Respec! You are a Saint. God loves you.
  14. That mouthy buggers railings resemble dragons teeth tank traps.
  15. I have only had one "serious" incident.After he cut me up,some chav cnut came over and started mouthing off through my window.
    He didn't see my Rotty until she put her head around the door pillar and curled her lips back,exposing her teeth.
    He then became very apologetic as he backed away.