Road rage- What grips your sh*t?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by techgerman, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Now everyone has a moment when your driving along and some twat does something not quite to your standard of driving, What causes this instant rage? let's find out what really grips your sh*t!
  2. Gits who dont indicate at roundabouts, I just pull out on them and force them to stop, it drives my girlfriend crazy.
  3. People who don't acknowledge that you have given way to them as a matter of courtesy. Only takes a wave. :x
  4. Apparently i have it quite bad, but i wouldnt if there wasnt such tw@ts on the road who are not fit to breath let alone drive and since Mrs warrior has been learning to drive she has suddenly discovered why it is that i come out with some quite bad language at various times when out driving, she has even started putting her comments across as well from the passenger seat
  5. People who sit in the middle lane of the M4. Doing 50 mph. And don't get the message when you flash 'em.
  6. Cyclists - I cannot abide driving behind some tit holding up the traffic as he wobbles left and right. At least its light enough now to see them, it's amazing how many don't have lights or any high vis and think its acceptable to cycle home in a rural area without many street lights.
  7. The idiot woman this morning who, whilst sat in stationary traffic, allowed her car to roll backwards and into mine, even though I was sounding my horn to warn her. And then she asked me 'What happened?'

    Dozy bint!
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Cnuts who tow caravans.
    Cnuts who drive mobile homes.
    Women (especially in 4X4's).
    Pensioners (especially in silver Mercs).
  10. Both already mentioned.

    Cnuts in the middle lane for no apparent reason.

    Cnuts with caravans.
  11. Boy racers grip my shit with their booming exhausts strapped to Nissan Micras, but I have to say they squeeze nowhere near as tightly as the 'Far Better Driver' brigade.

    Honestly, mate. I doesn't matter if you have power steering and ABS brakes, or that you've been an Advanced Driver for 20 year and successfully completed the Trans-Sahara rally three times. The rules of the road still apply to you.

    It's not that there's some Civil Servant in an office somewhere, cackling as he thinks how he's snatching away your personal right to drive, it's just that you sticking to the rules is how everybody else can predict in advance what you're going to do and take avoiding action accordingly. It's nothing personal.

    Just grow up and toe the line, there's a good chap.
  12. Cunts who overtake at about 200mph and then slam on the brakes and swerve in front of me to get on the slip road :x :x

    making me angry just thinking about it
  13. Many a fine example in Monty's thread.

    Driving in middle lane of motorway, indicating to pull of a roundabout and carrying on round just as you're about to join it etc.

    Some gems in this one:

    Pet Hates
  14. 1. people who take corners in little cars like they have 60 ft trailors behind them
    2. indicators ARE NOT optional extras
    3. get of your fcuking phones
    4. stop hogging lanes on the motorway
    5. perfectly able people parking in disabled because they too bone idle to walk that extra 10 foot
    6. boy racers whose stereo systems cost 3 time more than the car
    7. more to come but i am busy
  15. 1. Not having lights on when it's getting dark
    2. Not having fog lights on when foggy
    3. Having fog lights on when sunny
    4. Middle lane hoggers
    5. Boy racer cnuts who think it's acceptable to have crappy blue led lights showing at the front of their car, thinking that they are the dogs.
    6. Lack of indication
    7. Lack of courtesy

    the list goes on, and on, and on