Road Rage - and other forms of self-expression

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ratcatcher, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. Do any other ex-squaddies have limited opportunties to vent their aggression? I have a possible solution, yes its time to discover the wonders of Road Rage....

    In short - some daft tw*t put two fingers up at me on the drive into work this morning. I went from 0-psycho in 2.2 seconds, did a 'stop' on him, leant into his car, called him some rude names and threatened him with violence.

    I feel great, and my 4 year old daughter was particularly impressed. I plan to build on this loutish behaviour this weekend by getting into a proper fight....

    Any other hot tips for ex-squaddies to keep in touch with their aggressive sides?

  2. Can see your daughter having an ASBO before long. Good to keep it in the family, eh?
  3. An ASBO is considered a badge of honour at her particular nursery, however I hope she will follow the the path of discipline......

  4. Play rugby. Works wonders, at least the way my lot play.

    My school coach used to say, "Lack of any discernable talent can be made up for by sickening violence and a willingness to take a knock in a good cause."

    Of course, you could combine the two by heavily tackling any a*sehole who cuts you up.
  5. Self Expression, bollocks to that.

    I only wanted to show her how passionate I was in bed, and she says its rape. The knife was only supposed to be a bit kinky.

    Should have broken her fingers, she wouldn't have been able to tell anyone then. Fucking mutes.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You sick, sick man!

    Good one is to burn out your aggression on a push-bike. Loads of opportunity to burn off the rage AND get into fights with inconsiderate drivers. You can beat them to a pulp and cycle off without any probs. No number plate. I once had the opportunity to bounce my back wheel off a guys face whilst he was in the driving seat; shouldn't have wound down his window should he.

    Edited for spelling.
  7. Sorry mate, you wern't the childminder that went a bit mental were you?

    Pfft, under the age of consent and all. I couldn't even say she'd said she was 16.
  8. I agree road rage is the way ahead, the ex MRS nogg used to sh1te herself if somebody cut me up or piss me off on the road. One time travelling back from Germany two chavs in a Corsa thought it was funny to drive past and shine a laser pen in my eyes, I followed them for a bout 2 miles, little tykes did it again. I overtook them and then lobbed a 2ltr bottle of water on there windscreen, chavs in chav mobile ended swerving all over road, i pulled into the hard shoulder laughing my ass off.