Road Marching

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by felixthefox, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. doing the RAF WARMA march in Cosford and then Nigmegan with the ATC (yes im a cadet fire at will!) as part of the british militry contingent

    after some general advice/tips both for me and that i can pass on to the team esp from those that have done either marchs in the past (or doing them this year)


    (sorry for any awful spelling)
  2. Don’t do it with oncoming traffic.
  3. Never heard it called Nigmagen before. Might be a more apt name. :D

    Anyhow. Marches like that are all about short distance over a longer period of time. The difficulty comes, not from the distance but from the aching of the muscles and the "I can't be arrsed to get out of bed syndrome".

    Pre-Training: Avoid walking on roads, no point knackering your shins before you go.
    Get some CoolMax Sock Liners. A couple of quid well invested.
    Make sure your boots fit and that they're broken in.
    Get some Sorbothane (Double Strike) insoles. Expensive, but better than the issued sheet of cardboard.
    Get a comfotable Daysack with padded shoulders.
    Get your body used to complex carborhydrates.

    On the day: Avoid alcoholic drink (I know that you're a cadet, but it's surprising how nice squaddies can be to cadets).
    Hot Bath/Shower. Make sure your calves get plenty of the water.
    Drink Water like it's going out of fashion. Preferably through a Camelback/Platypus (because it's less of a nause to drink, so you'll do it more often).

    That's all I can be arrsed to think of. Main thing is a motivation on the day to get out of bed. Be the first up and ready. It's easier to cover the distance quickly, at the start, than at the end :wink:
  4. I'd agree with everything STAB has to say except for the sorbothane insoles, big pile of poo. Go for Superfeet of Conformable, but get used to them before you go.

    Use Dioralytes in the heat, natural flavour far tastier than the 'fruity' ones. (Also a miracle hangover cure for everything bar the headache)
  5. Felix

    Congratulations on doing Nijmegen ... hope you enjoy it as much as I did - you'd have to to go amd complete it 4 times :D

    Apart from as the previous posts suggest the water, daypack, insoles etc - buy some zinc oxide tape - the white stuff not the pink crap. That stuff is great for taping up feet - both to prevent blisters and to protect against further blisters.

    If you have to carry dead weight (in webbing) then consider extra padding on the webbing yoke.

    Also take some squadron stickers and plenty of them or any other crap you want to get rid off becasue the children line the streets and ask for suveniers - else they run up to you and nick anything they can - including your watch - the little b**tards!! :twisted:

    Hope this helps

  6. ok i bought a pair of sorbathane insoles before i read that

    which do you guys reckon would be better in my magnum elites, the orignal insoles or the double strike sorbathane??

    :lol: yh just like cadets arnt supposed to take a trip to amsterdam after aswell!

    im getting some stickers printed off this week got the trials back form the company the other day

    and i will be carring the extra dead weight btw
  7. Pay a visit to the tabocconists on the corner of the high street - down from the bendy busses that you get from Humanswoord.

    Regarding the insoles - depends how much room they take up in your boots - because your feet will swell and if there is room in your boots, then it WILL hurt - so I leave it up to you. Try them on one of your weekend trainig sessions and see how you go - else just f**k them off and be done with it.

    Good luck and enjoy the Animal House :twisted:
  8. If you have to walk on the roads...and in Nijmegen you don't have a choice, march in the centre of the road where there is no camber...marching in a camber screws your shins and ankles up. Enjoy it, I loved all 7 times I did it!
  9. cheers for the advice guys

    training was going brill untill yesterday when i managed to pull a ligiment in my knee ouch dosnt quite make it!

    im going to get down the physio in the week and apart from what they can do and the exercise they will give me (already started this morn on them) I have had proplems with my knees in the past as a kid postly due to growth etc but havnt had any proplems for a long time up untill yesterday

    is there anything you lot have done/seen in the past that prop wont nesseracrly be suggest by the physio but works!?
  10. Nijmegen is one of the best things I have done (twice) in the army. Hard work, good fun, great people, cold beer and Dutch birds.

    Cosford is a killer. Same daily distance as Nijmegen with zero spectators. Totally Demoralising.

    My Advice?

    Take plenty of Dhyoralite or other anti-dehydration powder. After blisters, dehydration is your next biggest problem. You will sweat non stop for 9 hrs a day. Have a pint of water with powder in it with your evening meal. And then more water, and then some beer and salty chips in the beer tent that night.

    Bring a small tuppaware lunch box. All you get for lunch in Nijmegen is sandwiches. Nothing worse than squished sarnies.

    re weight, Use bags of wet sand. there is usually a wet sand pit and scales at the Camp. Do not do what I did at cosford and use bricks. I still have the scars on my back from the blisters. Go for webbing. Better at distributing weight and lets your back breathe.

    Training. you must train, and get used to walking 25miles. Pick your boots now and do not change them. Get a pair you can walk 25 miles in easily. You may still get blisters, but if you have done enough training you will know where on your feet blisters will form and so you can pre-tape your feet in the right place to hopefully prevent the blisters.

    Put Meths on your feet during training. About once a day for abour 2 months before the event just wipe (with kitchen towel) some methylated spirits onto your bare feet and let it evaporate off. this will aid in the production of the hard skin on your feet. Some people say this is bonk, but i swear by it.

    Flags, bring a big fcuk off union flag and a unit flag.

    Singing. learn to sing marching songs. None of that "I don't know but i've been told" US army crap. Look up on the tinternet songs like "Hey Ho Captain Jack", or "Tiny Bubbles". But be warned You'll be sick of them by mile 99.

    Definately get stickers. The local scool kids have competitions who can get the most foreign souveniers.
    Any one remember the thousands of kids saying "Soo-venn-eer mister? Sooo-ven-eer?".

    Betty Swollocks will be another major nause. Talcum power is your friend.

    Definately get Cycling shorts. Or lycra underwear to stop your thighs rubbing together for the whole ba5tard 100 miles. My worst problem in the first year was chafing of my inner thighs and ba11bag. I ended up putting zinc oxide tape all around my thighs and barse... and then 3 seconds later thought "oops, I should have shaved first". After the event i spent 3 hrs in a hotel room in amsterdam with a razor and a Swiss army knife trying to get the zinc oxide off. I then hobbled round amsterdam on the pi55 looking like I'd had a good time in the 'Pink light district'.

    Bring some Sudocreme. Helps in the healing of chafing and soothing the nappy rash - which you will get.

    Thats my advice, now get out training. And remember, how hard could it be? Its only walking after all!!! ;)
  11. aye good advice from stabtiffy ,especially the insoles. i did it last year wearing pro-boots with sorbatanes in ,hammered my feet and all but 2 of my toe nails fell off.dont forget to pack your sense of humour or you'll want to fill your mates in by the 3rd day,bags of encouragement all round.
    you will come back with sore feet and a few lasting memories,enjoy :D
  12. thought i would dig out this old thread seeing as my question is related to marching

    cosford was great painful esp with the weights! but was great fun and deffo doing it again!

    how ever i have found that my boots (magnum elites) have caused me to have very painful points on the bone on the inside of my feet blow the ankle (on the bit of bone that kinda sticks out)

    this wasnt really a proplem when actaully at cosford but has been very sore since and is still bad now! and going to be starting training for nij been wearing my boots for cadets and at the horse yard and they have been quite sore again

    i have had problems with my knees and ankles in the past and have insoles in my normal trainers but in my boots and sports trainers i have the orignal insoles so i think my feet are just the wrong shape

    i tryed the sorbathene insoles but they didnt fit the shape of the magnums properly

    i really dont want to have to get new boots again i only got the magnums for cosford and nij

    any ideas to solve it?
  13. I'm a cadet and was wondering who organised your trip to nijmegen. It'd gone through our minds a couple of times but there seemed to be a neverending stream of paperwork. A PM would be fantastic if you've got any idea how it got organised etc.
  14. spoken briefly to my boss about this and he suggested padding

    any ideas of the best sort of padding to try solve this or should i just put up with the pain to not risk getting blisters in unexpected places?
  15. Assuming you are talking about abrasions, Scholl Moleskin works for me. I have problems with sorespots on my feet as well (on the heel and on the ball of my feet.)