Road Fund Licence (Car Tax)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Trunnion-Tilt, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Road fund licence was originally a tax on motor vehicles to maintain the road system. Although a very small amount went on the roads, most went to run a Navy we didn’t need, but thats another issue.

    Now, with global warming it is a green tax on the amount of carbon emissions you vehicle puts into the atmosphere. Therefore the more carbon you emit the more tax you pay?

    Well, can anyone tell me why my 6000 miles per year I get taxed £205 and I taxi driver with his 100,000 a year plus gets taxed the same?

    Surely if it is a green tax then it should be on the price of the fuel that ultimately turns into carbon, then your are paying for the amount of carbon your emit.

    I say abolish the road tax and put the green tax at 1 pence per liter (2.5 pence per gallon) on fuel and then everyone will pay as they destroy, the more you destroy, the more you pay. Keep the tax disc but change it to MOT disc with same ruling, show insurance certificate before it is issuedalong with the vehcle achieving the laid down mechanical standard of course.
  2. This has been proposed more times than aplenty and nothing has come of it.
  3. It's got bugger all to do with the environment (that's just a socially fashionable excuse). It's simply another easy way for that subhuman slime that governs us to screw some more blood out of the stone :(

  4. Two taxes, VAT first then fuel duty. I am surprised its not the other way around or is it not cricket to tax tax?
  5. What he said!!
  6. I think the same way mate.

    Bin Road Tax it is a lie anyway, as Road Tax implies you are spending hte money on Roads.

    Bang a few pence on fuel. It's not like we'll notice it.

    Every year, the Insurance company can issue a ticket for the window screen, and the same for the MOT.


    If you drive stupid distances, then you pay more tax. Where as a car that goes no where doesn't get hammered.

    The money should then be invested in better public transport. Renationalise it all. Trains, busses, trams and canels. And start punting stuff about off the roads.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    And why do I need one for my motorbike and one for my car?

    Can't use them both at once...

  8. My point exactly, have it on the fuel and pay as you use.
  9. Im not to fussed just bought a new car and the tax is only 35 quid thats on a 1.7 diesel astra much better than before.
  10. Road Tax is tax on a soft touch as you will always use your car.
  11. Well if you are unhappy now, wait until they introduce road charging country wide. It has been talked about. However many companies say it will detrimental to their businesses, (Distribution centres etc) so inevitably it will be sudden blanket coverage. So after tax on your wages, council tax, VAT, tax on fuel and Road tax, you get to pay to use the road which you need to get to work to earn money to pay all your taxes.
  12. 2.5 litres to the gallon then?
  13. It will hurt our heads trying to make sense of the Tax laws.

    They already have a tax on fuel and when that goes up we whinge, so they just look at other ways of taxing us. Its now becoming never ending.
  14. You owe me a keyboard you fatherless!