Road Angel - Or other warning aids

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BLOODY_TIPRAT, Dec 30, 2004.

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    Just visited the above link as I am shopping around for something similar to help prevent the maximum no claims bonus I now have on my car insurance.

    Does anybody have one of these or something similar? Are they legal to have in the car? What type of connections have to made with regards to power? How accurate are they really? Are there any cheaper alternatives? and anything else that is important to know before purchasing one.

    Any help is fully appreciated

  2. B Tiprat
    Use your eyes, brain and basic driving skills to get cheaper. If you want to check them out, ask the sales guy to give you a guarantee that they will pay any fine you incur where their databank was at fault. Do not take one into France - massive fines merely for possession whether switched on or not. How the heck do you think millions of us drove about in days when cars were more basic and these thing that seperate fools and money were not devised?
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. I run TOMTOM Navigator on a PDA and use the speed camera overlays to detect cameras, the benifit being that I have a PDA which doubles as satnav and speed camera detection, Total price £300 for the lot (PDA / Software / Antenna). I would never be without it, never been lost, and the database is updated daily, also not illegal in france as it doesnt detect by signal but by overlay, so as you can plot speed cameras on a normal street map (which isnt illegal in France) hence the electronic isnt either.

    Id throughly recommend one
  5. I also run TomTom Navigator on a PDA with a Bluetooth GPS receiver, which works very well. I don't use the overlays, but have tried them and they are effective. The advantage of SATNAV is that the driver can concentrate on driving.

    Are not equipments that detect cameras (as opposed to those that simply show their position on a downloaded overlay) also set to become illegal here in the future?
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I've not seen that, must check up Law amendments, that will only take about 2 weeks!
  7. The argument for banning has been going on for ages. Have a look at this site.

    I have a Road Angel II. I do not speed as a rule but it is a useful aid if I inadvertantly creep over the limit and a cash generating machine is ahead. It also alerts of accident black spots (GPS data base), that on its own increases attention!
  8. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    I have the Road Angel 1, it is excellent but you need to change the settings when you get it - other wise you get 300m of beep-beep-beep-beep every time you come up to a gatso/blackspot. the IR detector is rubbish, especially in london where it goes off every time you pass a TV remote/garage door remote/mobile phone/cloud.
  9. UQ, RA II has virtually no false alerts.

    As a driving safety aid, I think they are good bits of kit. If one relies on them 100% to prevent fines or a ban by slamming the anchors on when they alert then thats not what its about. Its an aid. Just as GPS is for map reading.
    BTW, if you get a laser alert, you'll have probably been nicked already. As ORC said,
    Thats the sure fire way of avoiding a fine. How many of us have driven just outside the limit though?
  10. I also have tomtom3 but find the overlays that I have managed to get my hands on are out of date. The other problem I have had is that I haven't been able to source a decent warning device that alerts me when I am close to the damn cameras.

    Don't get me wrong I think that I am a safe and sensible driver and dont speed. The problem is that with new legislation the tolerance level is getting lower with 2 points being issued (I beleive anyhow). I find it hard to beleive that none ever drifts a mile or two over the speed limit, and frankly I think that instead of constantly checking your speed your eyes and mind should be on the road no?

    Christ I mean they banned the use of mobile phones didn't they

  11. The good thing with RA II is it has a large digi (GPS based) speed readout that is nicely in the perif vision. Easy to fit (sticks on windscreen, powered from cigar socket), as long as you update it regularly, its good.
  12. tomtom 3 the same as tomtom2 essentially, get the overlays from a sync site, its a small price to pay, as you find cameras and get false alert you action them on the pda and upload them in an evening, when the database receives a gived number of reports it add the camera or deletes it from the database, I find it spot on mostly, and using checkpoint softweare will allow you to receive alerts at timed or distance intervals from the cameras....for exmaple i have the first warning at 30seconds out and another at 5 secs.