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Has anyone had any dealings with this lot? Are they any good.....


Reason for asking being the son in law, he's gone and blown the engine on his bike (Aprilla RS125) and is looking for somewhere to get it rebuilt, this lot are looking favourite atm. Now with us being in sunny (ha ha) Oxford it's a bit of a drag to go for a quick recce so I was wondering if anyone on here had any info.



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They appear to live in Yorkshire so no, I have no truck with southern ******* ponces. But a couple of questions if you will?

Leaving aside the vexed question of why you let your lovely daughter marry a ******* mincer who rides a girly screamer like the Aprilla RS125.... would you not be better off buying a second hand motor from one of the limp wristed puffs who have put one into a tree? Rather than going for an expensive rebuild?

Or just nick one, jack up the number plates, slide the bike out then stick the plates on your hairdresser son-in-laws bike.
Better yet, sell off the parts on ebay and buy a whole new bike.

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