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RN's Officail website has been taken down by a hacker.


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It's being reported on BFBS that the RN's Official website has been taken down by a hacker.

At the moment visitors to the website are told that its down for essential maint.

It is reported that hacker(s) used an SQL injection.

These people may be frightfully clever but there is no real difference between them and scrotty vandals who throw stones at bus shelters or school windows.
If it was a SQL injection attack then it was about as technically sophisticated as lobbing a brick. You can google for the xkcd cartoon about little Bobby Tables yourself, it's hardly new. You don't need to be clever to use an exploit any competent website designer would eliminate about 5 minutes after starting work.

The real question is why the a major MoD website was so bloody awful - I mean, schoolkids can do it better. Well, who am I kidding, I've used DII. If there's a piece of IT the MoD have failed to **** up I've yet to hear of it.
I'm hoping that not only did they conduct an SQL attack, they also made the site much more user friendly, updated the content, and changed the colour scheme.....


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Surely this is a non-item, non MoD website, no personal data at risk. A minor issue is perhaps for MoD to ensure 3rd parties who provide services under contract are assured (i.e. have a technical vulnerability assessment) by trusted independants because of the second order reputational issues.


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