RnRIsland on the ARRSEpedia

Well it had to be done - I've started work Here but I'm sure others will want to contribute ....
I've added to this although what it really needs are plenty of links to it from other articles in the wiki. If any second lifers would like to promote the island more this is a good way to do it - make an account on the wiki - instant - and add links to any pages that you think are vaguely relevant by clicking the edit tab at the top of the page and inserting:

[[British_Military_in_Second_Life | RnR Island]] is spiffing.
I've just done FIBUA for instance.
I would do BUT I bloody hate wiki - 'orrible place, I just get all blonde and confused!

Although - it would be nice to see some of the other SL users on there.

(Yes I know I havent added myself yet, I dunno what to say about me)
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