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RNR transfer to TA.

Yet another transfer question.

We have a trained RNR wishing to transfer to the TA. Does anyone have any guidance or answers on how this is done if possible?

I have searched for this, but yeilded no fantastic results or solid answers. There was a thread on here but was dated a few years ago and didnt really give much to go on.

He is aware that due to differences in the taining he may well have to attend TSC(A) & TSC(B), but is willing to do so.

I've found information of regular soldiers/sailors/airmen transfers.

Again I'm keen to avoid 203s going to Glasgow.

Any help will again be appreciated.
He will start from scratch as everything the RNR do is different to the army - unless he is going to Port & Maritime RLC.

We had a Reg RN join the TA the day after he left and he had to start from scratch...the only thing he will keep is his number.

No 203 needed as Glasgow is for the Army. You will have to get his records from RN records at (I think) HMS Dolphin. Ring AFCO Pompey for the exact address. Unlike Glasgow, the RN are very helpful.

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