RNLI to Pay for Radio Licences

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by exbleep, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. Just serves to show the money-grabbing c0cks in government who form these idiotic schemes for the imbeciles that they are. Why not start charging MPs for their parliamentary TV coverage, and make them all pay from their own grubbby pockets, and not some convenient central fund; no payment = no debate.
  2. I think they can expect quite a forceful response by the end of next month from a multiple of sources. I've been a Governor (a member) of the RNLI for over 20 years and this has to been one of the daftest things I've heard.

    I hope some bean counter in Whitehall works out that not getting £260K in license fees is better than spending £124 Million to replace an existing service.
  3. I find it incredible that such a deeply unpopular Government should be spending so much of its time to find ways to actually increase their unpopularity.
  4. I am an RNLI Volunteer (not crew but I do voluntary educational work). Its just another nail in the coffin of a service that atually supports itself with no government handouts. RNLI Crew work all year round to provide 24hour sea rescue cover in the UK and the ROI and have been since 1824 with upwards of 137,000 lives saved. RNLI lifegaurds now also patrol a number of beaches during the summer. The majority of crew are volunteers, normally one crew member per station is full time paid and he is normally the Lifeboat mechanic.

    I am not surprised that some twaat in a grubby suit somewhere has thought this could be a means of extra revenue for a Government department somewhere. This country baffles the shite out of me it really does!!!

    If you hit the link below the map will tell you how important the service is and on average 24 launches a day!!!!!
  5. Playing the fiddle while Rome burns policies are at the heart of One Eyes thinking...
  6. Odd how this emerges about the same time as the plan to start taxing some offshore workers in the North Sea http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=106122.html.

    If Old One Eye has turned that bleary organ to the sea in search of booty, will his cash strapped gaze stop there, or will he try and tax say Norway next?

    The mind boggles.
  7. C0ck.

    I hope the spokesman sinks and is failed to be rescued by the RNLI whilst they are "consulting" on whether to save him or not
  8. Check out the way they are fecking up SAR coverage by outsourcing the maintenance to VT/ Serco/ Wastelands/ whatever monkeys the money attracts, to see how much they really care about emergency services
  9. Do you mean the contract for air coverage, where the Navy and RAF get to free up air assets through the MCA and HMCG having their own indigenous SAR air support?

    Took pictures of one of the new coast guard helis in action at a demonstration the other day... quite good!

    As for the radio licence... as usual you have to wonder if anyone really is in charge of the madhouse. How anyone can think this is a good idea really is beyond me.
    Yet more ridiculous ideas from a ridiculous government, can anyone say they are really surprised??
    I am, at present, working on a photographic contract for the RNLI, having never needed their services in the past, it's only now I truly understand how much of a good and crucial job they do!
  10. There is no service in existence which could not provide a worse service for more money and more staff with increased bureaucracy - its the Neue Arbeit way - destroy the volunteer service through overregulation, then create a tax funded one with unionised middle management jobs for core swing voters to fill under the simple premise that Turkeys don't vote for Christmas!
  11. RNLI = British Institution run by volunteers and therefore not directly controlled by Govt, started pre 1997. Not staffed by lefty tree huggers and does not favour multi-cultural, metro-sexual drug taking wasters. Therefore a target for this (mal)administration.
  12. Surely this would mean that Neue Arbeit would be shooting themselves in the foot? Given their penchant for making charities cover the gaps they should be providing for (e.g. Help for Heroes, Combat Stress etc)...
  13. Free up exactly what air assets? Still using 3,3a and 5 sea kings, flown by navy and crab crews but maintained by civvies both permy and contractor, who seem not to like keeping the cabs in too good a shape.
  14. Email sent to MP. :x