RNLI lifeguards in hot water after posting spoof video.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by radiorental, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. I find it all very appalling, I for one have never heard of such carrying's on, I mean, just think if there was ever a time when say soldiers were to have a website and did this outrageous behaviour. Never happen!
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  2. The RNLI are clearly a spineless set of cunts and hopefully whichever pricks reported them will die slowly in a housefire for being busybody cunts.

    Nice to see the Heil taking the moral high ground again. Second only to the Scum in cunt stakes.
  3. Wot? Like ...

    "Troops ignite rectums during bizarre dance ritual, shock."

    Let's hope some of these whinging whining journos DROWN AT SEA. Cunts.
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  4. Can political correctness be banned and let us get back to normal?
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  5. Thats what you get for sticking shit up on fucking facetube. Sometimes a bit of discetion is handy...
  6. That bloke in the helmet and (s)peedos should be disciplined simply for being agreeing to being photographed next to that shitty yellow car.

    Love the line he's not ginger his hair is on fire.
  7. Bit daft to post it online, but it was harmless fun. I didn't notice anything unprofessional either. It's shit like this that bands teams together and makes them so good at what they do.
  8. HHH

    HHH LE

    But it must make a nice change for them, usually the sea is freezing !!
  9. You'd think rule 1 - don't post it on youtube, yeah its great to have on your phone for a laugh but if its gonna drop you in the brownstuff think twice. this kinda thing is the fails average filler how many times have they found a video of someone important / in uniform either having a laugh or being a bit out of hand and got a 500 word article out of it.
    Remember though you can't say anything these days without offending someone even if it isn't the person / ethnic / lifestyle group you think it'd offend but some ivory towered expert in daftology.
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  10. When did the state stop us taking the piss out of each other?
    Soon fun will be taxed, how many people want to leave this shit hole.
    Enoch was right.
  11. Given that the people involved are the lifeguards (as opposed to lifeboatmen), the chances are that most of them are Aussies. That's their culture, innit?
  12. 'expert in daftology' - love it!
  13. Why the fuck would Aussies want to be lifesavers in the UK? Don't you need a survival suit to go in the water? Fuck that.