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After long and glorious service in the Regulars and TA, I’m now looking to join the local RNLI Inshore service….

Does anybody have any experience of this?

(FYI: I won’t allow myself to fck these guys about with indecisions .....and won’t commit to them unless I’m 100% sure)


If you are talking about the London Station, then it is one of the only professionally manned boats in the country, and staffed 24/7.
From the RNLI web site:

To become a lifeboat crew member, you need to:

be over 17 (with the permission of your parents) or over 18 years old
be under 45 years old (inshore lifeboat) or 55 (all weather lifeboat)
pass a medical and eyesight test
be physically fit
live and/or work close to a lifeboat station
pass a probationary period that usually lasts for one year
be a team player and be accepted by the rest of the crew
enjoy hard physical work
MT, pm me the questions you have, and I will speak to Brother Slug who is a lifeboaty type blerk oop north.

Sluggy x
Dale the snail said:
I will speak to Brother Slug who is a lifeboaty type blerk oop north.

Sluggy x
Then, Sluggy, he must be a top man. Bluddy heroes, one and all. And unpaid too.

One of the few charities I will cross the road to donate money to.


I tried to join the local Inshore RNLI unit where i live and was told that as i wear glasses, i wasnt eligible. It all appears very inbred with their mates getting any vacancies that appear. Dont mean to sound bitter, but i have been driving rescue craft for over 15 years and was an instructor for Schlumberger. Ok maybe a bit bitter, but good luck anyway.

some of the crew wear glasses
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