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Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by Von_Paulus, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Just got back off Joint Warrior and have noticed a massive difference between RN and other nations navies. I require picking up by ships and that is normally done by seaboat from halfway down a sea loch in scotland. Every other nation taking part came all way down loch to shorten seaboat transfer ALL THREE RN SHIPS REFUSED.
    Size/tonnage/draught of all ships roughly similar. Sea state / wind bad on all occasions. Oh & HMS HOOD got in and out ok a few years back. I am noticing a massive increase in lack of martial spirit in our "senior service" (lack of capitals intended)

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  2. Maybe you should have swam there, lazy sod.
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  3. If the sea state was that bad did they send Ships boats to pick you up?

    Perhaps the RN were showing what they can do not what they won't do.
  4. Mayhap they deemed you unimportant.
  5. I'm sure that 1SL, who posts as 'seaweed' will pick up the message and relay it to someone who might give it a stiff ignoring. You know what they say; "Captain's decision is final."
  6. They all send ships boats! One RN ship sent its boat in "marginal" conditions and it had to abort 1/2 a mile from drop off after a 3 mile "wild ride" that had us all soaked and frozen. If the ships CO / Navs had any stones it would have been a quick 2-3 cables ride

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  7. We laughed our tits off at your tears you cry babies.
  8. IMHO The RN could do with a bit more espree de corps, they shouldn't lack any tbh, they have the most glorious history of any force in the modern Western world other than the Red Army. No other military organisation in the world comes close for battle honours. Perhaps if the average matelot was a little more aware of his/her service history? The Royal Navy is the true blue navy, the original, the same navy of Nelson and Drake. Everyone else in the world should be copying them as a benchmark.

    I first suspected something was wrong when I overheard a WREN Officer getting her sailors to link arms and shout HOOAH as some sort of motivation technique :roll:
  9. Guns

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    1. The Royal Navy

    Maybe the RN feels passenger transfers not operational essential enough to risk damage to the ship. Seeing as most other navies struggle to generate one ship on operations and one on training deployments yet we have in excess of 6 current operations requiring over 50% of available assets on or going on task we are a little bit more careful not to prang the ships and have them out of commission.

    Also how do you know that the ships did not have other tasking that prevented themselves from coming in - in essence off task?

    I would suggest that the other navies are not braver, just less attuned to Operational Risk Management (something the British military is much better at than most others and is one of the reasons we are so well respected in the operational planning world). We have learnt the hard way that "crackonitess" and "because thats what we have always done" can get you in to difficult situations that you do not need to be in.

    As to a lack of marital spirit, I don't see how your occasional time on board mostly non operational ships gives you that insight.

    Of course flipping the coin it seems the other navies were to wuss to send in a seaboat instead their COs lack the balls to let their seaboat crews get on with the job in hand and have to be hands on micromanaging.

    And finally this is JW - in the real world we would never take a ship in to what is small arms and RPG range. Thats why we transfer people in a seaboat which is less likely to be hit. "Train as you mean to fight" and all that. Imagine if every long range transfer was done like the others and when we came to operations and needed to do it the seaboat crews lacked the experience in order to conduct the more likely long range insertion tactic and failed?
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  10. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Have you considered that it's not tactically sound to take your ship down a narrow loch in a warzone. I presume you're practicing for war?
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  11. German_cruiser_Blücher_sinking-595x335.jpg

    happened to the Argies at Grytviken as well though as bad.
  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I think the RN has developed a phobia about scottish waters as its full of sandbanks and uppity natives

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  13. You really dont think your miserable existence could in any way justify the risk of scratching the paint on one of Her Majesties Finest War Canoe do you?

    Just because your definition of the word "Amphibious" wasnt quite as broadsweeping as the Navies doesnt make it bad -
    Swim Forest Swim..........