RN to help stranded tourists

There was a report on R4 that the RN may be mobilised to get British tourists stuck abroad back home. That has me completely.....can't find the appropriate word.
jonwilly said:
What Browns committing both boats !

Yeah I know they are Ships.
Nah he popped down Argos and got some rubber Dinghy's on 2 for £15
It's all talk. It sound good and might make people think that the government id doing something. By the time tey get Invincible ready it will all be over.
I believe the MoD thinking was that they could make a few quid by following Ryanair policy re. snacks and excess baggage and doing a detour via Ascencion Island
Why the fuck should the UK taxpayer be picking up the bill for stranded holidaymakers?

Are we suddenly made of money or did I not hear that we were billions in debt.

You get stuck abroad? Tough shit, some of those very same taxpayers cannot afford overseas trips.
Couldn't agree more Rafair. That one-eyed twerp has just been on the radio....it's definitely on, and seems to be the biggest naval exercise since the Falklands....obviously desperate to get some floating voters!!!
From BBC Monday, 19 April 2010 10:02 UK
Royal Navy ships to return Britons stranded by volcano
Three Royal Navy ships will be drafted to help return Britons stranded abroad as UK airspace remains restricted.

The move was announced as the UK's emergency committee Cobra met to discuss options in addressing travel chaos caused by a volcanic ash cloud.

The ships HMS Ark Royal, HMS Ocean and HMS Albion have been pressed into action and are heading for Spain and unspecified Channel ports.

Flight restrictions were extended to at least 0100 BST Tuesday.

Travel agents' association Abta said its "rough estimate" was that 150,000 Britons are currently stranded abroad.


HMS Albion was deployed to Spain to return members of the 3 Rifles regiment to the UK, as they remain stranded on their way back from Afghanistan.
God Bless Broon in his desparate attempt to get a bit of PR. Rumour has it that young Able Semenwoman Faye Turney will be on security duty as folk look to board the Ark, Albion & Ocean. Forget Biometric passports all you need now is an iPod or a deportation note from Sangatte refugee camp to get to the UK courtesy of the RN. Pathetic waste of Taxpayers money. Pity they could not use the same resources to treat ex WWII veterans to a trip to France and billet them onboard for a few days & treat them. That would be a lot more morally right & would be happy to see my tax money used that way.
fertman said:
Airlines don't get votes

Airlines/Tour Operators or whatever, have a contract with their customers.

If they cannot fly them home, it is up to them (the companies) to make alternate arrangements, not the taxpayer.

This is just a load of pre-election grandstanding......................and we're paying for it.
So, let me get this right in my mind, after 13 years of trying hard to disband the Royal Navy, Cyclops is now looking to the RN to get his arrse out of a crack. Really, the hypocricy of the man knows no bounds.

Myself and 5 others were stranded in Copenhagen at the weekend. By various means we all got back to UK and were in work this morning - if you can get to a channel port, you can get back (Calais was empty at 0600 on Sunday when I went through).
I reckon some senior officers in the RN will be rubbing their hands with glee and enthusiasm " Get this right chaps and we can guarantee our future .... might even get another ship or two " .
Border_Reiver said:
I reckon some senior officers in the RN will be rubbing their hands with glee and enthusiasm " Get this right chaps and we can guarantee our future .... might even get another ship or two " .
Shouldn't have scrapped HMY Britannnia should they...could have raised a decent bit of cash by ferrying people home.



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I'm going to go against the flow here. This is a fairly large scale problem and a lot of British tax payers are stuck abroad through no fault of their own with no realistic way of solving the problem for themselves. I don't think it is inappropriate for HMG to do something about it. In fact I think the Government would be derelict in its duty if it ignored the plight of it citizens. The Armed Forces are an executive arm of the government so it is not inappropriate to task them to do the doing.

Of course the irony is that once again the armed forces that Brown and his cronies so despise and have treated so shabbily will be pulling the fat out of the fire for him.

Standby for Brown the savior of the world (his words not mine) smirking on the quay waiting to greet assorted chavs being shoved down the gangplank of HMS Crumbling into his welcoming arms and the assembled media.
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