RN to army transfer!

Hi everyone,

I am currently a medic in the navy and have been serving for 12 years. I am interesting in transferring to the RAMC, does anyone know the details for SO2 RAMC recruiting or where to find them on the intranet?

The reason for wanting to transfer have been on Herrick a couple of times and am going back again I have found that I am a better soldier than I ever was a sailor!!!! I know I can go AACC but I would still be a "Navy" medic and very liable for the navy type medic jobs ! Hence if you want to be a soldier join the army!

Also would I be able to keep the equivalent rank, I know about internal transfers but has anyone went from the RN to Army on here ?

Cheers guys
I can't help you with the specifics of your question but can warn you to be prepared for a massive culture shock. I spent a bit of time in the RFA after leaving the army and trained at Sultan, Collingwood and Excellent as well as spending a bit of time at Nelson and the whole atmosphere and 'feel' of the RN is different from the army. I realise that you have spent some time alongside soldiers in Afghanistan but tours are somewhat different from day-to-day army life. People tend to think that because both the RN and the army are armed forces that the transition will always be a smooth and painless one, whereas in reality nothing could be further from the truth. There's a million and one little differences - everything from evening colours to putting your arm up when you dress to evening rounds to being confined to a tiny number of postings etc etc etc - none of which exist in the army. The relationship between different ranks are very different, as are the fitness standards and the general chances of coming home in a box. In short, you'll pretty much be starting from scratch in a whole new way of life. That said, I think your making a good choice so good luck to you!
I definatley understand that it is massivley different all the medical training is tri srvice and is an "army" camp in aldershot so I understand and have seen the differences first hand but for me I can cope with that(I think!!!!).

Cheers for the info mate


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I left the RN in '07 and have been Pongoing since then, albeit part time. As Wedge says the two are totally different and you can barely compare them. Some trades are incompatible for instance I was a Weapons Engineer and small arms maintainer but when I moved across, the Army didn't recognise any of my RN courses or quals and I had to start from scratch as an Armourer. I'm hoping the scab lifter World might be a little different for your sake.

All in all the banter is much the same and the general attitude is similar. Many things will shock you though and at times you will miss the RN way of life, which I feel is generally more relaxed with less bullshit (aside from the constant cleaning :) )

Best of luck.

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