RN Submarines in the Gulf -1991


Not too long after the 1991 conflict in the Gulf, I saw a teletext headline proclaiming that UK submarines had been in the Gulf. A book in 1992 by two BBC journalists also made reference to HM Submarines Otus and Opossum being sent there to aid the eavsdropping (sic) effort - this was in the context of Iraqi Silkworm missile sites.

I have also seen the picture of one of them returning to the UK post conflict, painted in an attractive duck egg blue not unlike the patterns worn by submarines in the far east in World War Two.

Does anyone have any other open source information?
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Opossum was on a round the world trip and was sent into the gulf after being camouflaged in Diego Garcia and did a short patrol in the gulf area ,where Otus did two long patrols in the gulf. they do say that U.S aircraft sunk a tanker that one of the boats was hiding under endangering the 22 special ops type bods who they were there to extract after dropping them off sometime earlier .The release of all the oil into the coastal areas made submarine ops almost impossible .I'm sure Otus was camouflaged alongside in Gib ,one was blue the other one was green .Saw one of them alongside HMS Dolphin in Pompey all painted,not sure if any of them returned flying a Jolly Roger.and as with all submarine ops they remain very tight lipped about who ,what and where went on concerning these two boats

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