RN Spithead Review: "It would have been just too embarrassing"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Radiance, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. Diamond Jubilee: The Queen no longer rules the waves - Telegraph
    Says it all really. What has changed about a Britain back then, and now, that we are not even worthy of being called a shadow of the Empire on whom the sun never sets? IMV it is an overall decline in morals of the people. Lazy, money grabbing, no work ethic, no motivation to excel, collusion of mediocrity, never taking responsibility, breakdown of the family, looser education standards, ad nauseum.
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  2. The government of the day has decided the country no longer needs a large Navy; whether you agree or not it's not surprising a serving Commander in the Royal Navy isn't happy about it!
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  3. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

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  4. I share the pain but to fair my money would be on the much smaller modern fleet.

    But yes I do watch and weep, not even going to look at the Ark and her Phantom / Buccaneer combo.

    Hey what about a thread about carriers, I know its the army forum but am sure someone might take a interest, say 50 posts at the most?????
  5. A beyond skeletal RN is just a symptom of a greater malaise; don't think for a moment the effect of our has-been economy and its woes are solely reflected in a cut down RN.
  6. My money is on a much bigger, modern fleet :)
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  7. We probably couldn't afford a 21 gun salute from that many ships anymore, never mind being able to afford the ships
  8. Seaweed cancel my last, 300 ships to be fair not all warships but the majority would be and 300 aircraft.

    I doubt the modern fleet would have the ordnace to dispose of that much much. No wonder Portsmouth and Devonport seem to be so skint nowadays without that amount of cash going to them !!!
  9. lol
  10. EScotia, Successive governments have cut the armed forces to the bone and beyond, the RN has suffered (IMHO) more than our younger siblings, this has nothing to do with what we need or may need in the future and has a lot to do with balancing the books. If you look at the size of the fleet in 1977 (or even 1982) and compare it to now you will see just how far the RN has fallen, the RN still has nearly the same commitments as it did but with far fewer units to do the job. much has been made of the type 45 destroyers being 6 times more capable than the type 42's, that was one excuse for not ordering as my 45's as we needed, now possibly in an air defence role the 45's are 6 times more capable, but not in any other role, and it cannot be in 6 places at once

    but here is a little bit of info

    In 1995 when I left the RN we had:
    9 Type 23 Frigates
    14 Type 22 Frigates
    12 Type 42 Destroyers

    We are currently showing in 2012
    13 Type 23 Frigates
    3 Type 42 Destroyers
    4 Type 45 Destroyers

    thats nearly a 45% reduction in the workhorses of the RN in 17 years, but what I am not sure about is how many of the currently active fleet is in a reduced state of readiness, I am sure that someone who has better access to currently naval strength will be along to update these figures
  11. Thanks. I especially enjoyed watching the fly pasts and lit up ships!
  12. No objection there that ship-for-ship, 2012 ones are more capable than 1995 or 1953 ones.

    But if the planners take this to the limit the RN could consist of just one super-capable ship that is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Clearly a balance must be struck in terms of investment per ship and the numbers of ships available to be at or near the right place at the right time.

    But this as you say is a moot point. We simply don't have the economy to support a large fleet anymore.
  13. Not forgetting 7 x Astute class and 6 x Trafalgar according to theNavy website.

    (I'm not use at all on watery issues, and so am relying on on the official version of events. Probably unwise).
  14. Great post and link Radiance. How things have changed. I can see what the 'Serving Commander of the RN' meant now....

    Some misguided people would call the changes 'progress....', yeh right.
  15. I've yet to find any ship or infantry battalion capable of being in two places at once. There is no allowance for the possiblity of having to cover multiple locations when things go pear shaped.

    I'm surprised no wannabe martyr hasn't taken an RPG to our ships when in dock in sunny climes. As soon as that starts happening we'll be out of surface capability in no time.

    The RM did quite well with a Carl Gustav in years gone by.
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