RN School of Dancing Burns Out


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Joanna's, the former Royal navy School of Dancing opposite South Parade Pier on Southsea seafront is burning furiously at the moment. Any rumours of the pier burning are utter tripe.

RIP Joanna's ......bit dusty in here.
Oh dear.

Good memories.


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I have been down to see it, only that building is on fire, there is no rioting in fact it is a bit of a carnival down there. It only took ten minutes to walk down.
Loads of people down there are flapping about sone kids gathering at the commercial road, but there's so much scaremongering online it's all getting ridiculous.
The RN is in deep shit. No ships and now no dancing. The World will truly end soon.
Noooooooo! This is akin to the ravens leaving the tower.

How long before Tropper claims he was responsible for opening Jos in the first place?
How the **** they got that carpet to burn is beyond me?!?! I figured that carpet would never fully dry out, with all the spilled pints, shots, and the contents slags cnuts emptying over it on their way back from the gents toilets to the bar.

Oh happy days........
Sad news I used to have a flat just along the front from Jo's just the thought of thurdays nights in Jo's is bringing out an urgent need to visit the pox docs clerk
The RN is in deep shit. No ships and now no dancing. The World will truly end soon.
You forgot to mention no leadership (but plenty of admirals) and not many i pods!
Not to worry. So long as The Flaming Mug is still open the sun will rise again.
The building was owned by Harry (Judas) Redknapp and he was planning to demolish it to build luxury flats anyhow.
Irrelevent of who the owner may or may not be, fires and planning permissions attract a good measure of legal attention. Might be a couple of local councillors on an exotic holiday smiling at the result.

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