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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by northern-matelot, Nov 17, 2012.

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  1. Just wondering now that HM Ships Daring and Westminster are back in the UK if anybody has any further information on the RN's blue version of PCS? I have tried searching online but all I get is the press releases about the trials being conducted earlier this year with no update. The main reason for this is the ship I am on is currently deployed and it would be easier for us to start guaging sizes to order in before people start going on draft and such on our return to the UK.
  2. Hi N-M

    Basically the trials were deemed to be generally successful but threw up some things that need to be bottomed out - levels of FR protection, weights of cloth etc . There is also the need to identify where the money is coming from. Once this has been determined then I would say it is going ahead but not for some time. Personally I'd wait till you receive directions before worrying about sizing et al.
  3. and they need to get with the program and un-tuck the fecking stuff.
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  4. DIN's released to RN and RAF say we HAVE to tuck it in, but it's CO discression in warmer places to have it untucked.
  5. Civi in the stores at collingwood had a load of dolphin badges (cloth) apparently for the new kit. And he was saying the DIN was coming out next week (this was a few weeks ago). But this was a civi store man.
    They do need to get with the plan and have it untucked or design a shirt thats meant to be tucked in either or im not bothered. Have worn MTP PCS tucked in and it never ever looks smart.
    Also if they are going to have name tapes etc I hope they can find a way of producing them so they look half decent. The US military seem to be able to do it. The navy and army here always seem to make it look really shit.
  6. Danny, I'm on deployment atm, so cannot upload photos, if you PM me your email I'll send you some close up pics of a certain HM ship's crew in the new stuff (name tapes an all) aswell as a hoofing pic of some 4 ringer in the MTP trousers with a RN PCS Shirt (if you can upload them to here I'm sure RGJ would love to rip the hell out of it!!!).
  7. Upload them, quickly! This combination sounds better than Rifles officers in PCS trousers and White shirts.
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  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    No change to the days of navy going "tactical" in all scenarios with combat boots, army cammo trousers of the day and a blue working shirt. I have a picture somewhere of me all warry like that, complete with blacked-out beret badge. All slightly let down by the bright gold rings on my rank slides.
  9. RAF is trialing something the same as the navy
  10. Isn't the whole point of MTP that it does away with all the different forms of dress? I was at RAF Northolt last week. The RAF lads all looked very smart in MTP. There were some RN chaps in white shirts and a few grow-bags (it is an airfield after all) what let the show down were a group of ALS officers who were the saddest sacks of shit I've seen in a long time. Their uniform was a mishmash of different styles and was in dog order. Thankfully I was in civvies so no-one could tell I shared a service with them.

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  11. MTP was brought in to do away with DPM and Desert DPM, it just happens to be cut in a certain style, that style the RN and RAF have been trialing but in Dark / Light blue for the respective services where a camouflage pattern is not necessary.

    As said I can't upload pics so if anyone will provide an email I shall send them to upload onto here.
  12. PCS = Personal Clothing System. MTP is the camouflage print seen on some PCS items.
  13. Causing mischief Dingle?

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  14. Me? Mischief? Still have an undetected crimes badge on my arm ;)
  15. Thank you, possibly the most sensible one line answer I have ever had on arrse

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