RN Medal engraving

I am curently in the process of getting replicas of my Great-Grandads medals made to give to my Granddad (his mam threw his dads medals away when his dad died wanting nothing to do with them). I dont have any medals myself to go of, so what details do I need to give to the engravers?

I'm of course assuming his service number and rate would be included, but then being navy its not often our acutal rates (i.e. AB Northern-matelot) are used when we're addressed by someone, normally we're called by our trades (i.e. SC Northern-Matelot), so my queery is would the trade rather than the rate be engraved on the medal? Also are units serving with also engraved?

Many thanks in advance

Not wishing to be rude but is there not an RN forum where you might find retired RN types who might even be able to show you examples.
There is, Rum Ration and ROMFT but for some reason lately both these forums have not been loading up on my computer- the browser (safari, firefox and ie9 ) freezes before it can load.
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