RN Lt Com Busted in the Sun for flogging his kit on Ebay.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by rg_mcoll, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Read this one with great glee of the Lt Commander caught by the Sun on ebay flogging off his kit before leaving the navy.

    I wonder what his bosses will think of that one....


    Officer flogs kit on eBay :D

    A SENIOR Royal Navy officer has handed terrorists a potential coup by putting his UNIFORM up for sale on eBay.

    Grasping Lt Commander Paul Berry, 48, is flogging off kit including his Navy-issue jacket, beret and cap — all emblazoned with his high-ranking insignia.

    The £50,000-a-year officer, who retires next month as director of fleet engineering at Portsmouth Naval Base, is also offering epaulettes and cap badges.

    The base is home to warships and other prime terror targets — and last night a senior security source warned: “It’s unbelievable. With a full lieutenant commander’s uniform a bad guy could simply walk in.”

    Navy officer ... Lt Cdr Berry

    Berry boasts in the ad for his gear, which was paid for by the taxpayer: “Your chance to own a genuine Royal Navy Gortex foul weather jacket which until very recently I wore as part of my full naval uniform.

    “I’m selling all my kit, so watch out for other auctions. Happy bidding!”

    The Sun bought the jacket — Nato issue number 8415-99-869-4738 — and a black beret complete with crown and anchor badge after arranging to meet Berry near his home in Cosham, Portsmouth.

    He pocketed £150 — crowing that he had a “trunk full” of other gear to peddle. But later he said: “I made a mistake.”

    The MoD said personnel were free to sell off items of uniform — as long as they had bought it themselves.

    A spokesman insisted: “The uniform itself does not give you access to the base.”
  2. I presume you mean busted by the sun rather than the Navy, which is how your title reads.

    This is a non story of the highest order, the security aspect is bullsh_t,

    If you are reading this STORY with glee I'd suggest you get a f_cking life as you are no better than the scum journalists that have printed it

    Waste of space on a slow day

    rant over
  3. What's your problem ? something wrong ?

  4. I think the point here is that this really is a story about fcuk all, which is the very bedrock of the Sun's existence as far as HM Forces are concerned. Only by giving oxygen to such cr ap are people perpetuating what is in effect a space filler.

    Must go, I'm off to flog my Chally 1. For spare parts, naturally.
  5. I haven't read the story in the Sun but I would very much like to. How can we military types spend so much time on this site moaning about politicians and their sleazy antics and then claim that a senior officer flogging crown property for personal profit isn't a story worth airing? Even if some of us can't stand to see it printed, the tax paying public certainly deserve the opportunity to.
  6. It's a nothing story printed by a nothing rag. The Scum is great, partner-beating editor, Tom Neutered Dung as the "military" correspondent...

    The guy is entitled to sell his kit, it's not a security breach, it would only have made a better story is the Scum w@nker buying it had tried to get into a unit and been given two new arseholes.

    Why should this be a bigger story than all the CS95, "SAS <cough>" kit that goes on Ebay?

    Move along, nothing to see here. Or is it perhaps only a story for some because it's an hofficer and not one of the ranks? Anyway, Lt Cdr is hardly senior.

    Anyone want to buy a Vice Admiral's outfit (only smells slightly of mothballs and wee)?
  7. And you know for a *fact* that it's Crown property do you NonGrad ? I imagine that you must do - because if you hadn't satisfied yourself that it wasn't his own property he was selling, then there would be every possibility that you were talking bollox, nicht wahr ?

  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I'm sorry: this is a b0llocks story from a rag which a decent soldier wouldn't wipe his or her arrse on. Into the Arrse Hole it goes.
  9. Gotta say I'm applauding MOD action here, sh_t thread from a sh-t poster

    Top job

  10. So what's wrong with an officer selling his kit? Isn't one of the official 'perks' of being an officer that your issued kit belongs to you? Non-Grad you are obviously an ill-informed tool - the kit isn't Crown property it belongs to him.