RN helps Ahmeddinejad back to power

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AlMiles, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. So Amhedinnerjacket's "robust" campaign video appeals to hard-liners by showing how he humiliated British forces two years ago, arresting the straying sailors...

    Nice one, jolly jack tars - really helping the interests of the West, long term. Did they video them crying as well?

    Next time, it might be an idea to go armed (and prepared to use them)...
  2. It's easy to blame the mongs involved but christ knows what the Navy was doing taking on such p*ss-poor recruits, training them that poorly, or sending them on operations of that nature. I think that incident was incredibly damaging to the reputation of the Royal Navy, the Armed Forces and the UK in general. We are - and will be for some time to come - the country that got walked all over by Iran and cried when it stole our IPOD.

    But the most serious repercussion, as you say, is the morale boost and credibility it provided our enemy.
  3. Enemy? Had we or they declared war without telling anyone then?
    Whilst it is true that the performance of those involved from Whitehall mandarins who set RoEs through to the Commander of HMS Cornwall down to Batchelor was poor, I would like you to explain to me the consequences of the RN/RM boarding party opening fire on an overwhelming number of belligerent heavily armed craft.

    1) Death all round.
    2) Survivors tried for whatever the Iranians could trump up and then banged up for years.
    3) Increased tension and then perhaps another war.
    Sound about right?

    All that just to bolster the fragile egos of armchair Generals who weren't there.
    But hey, lets not forget the Tragino raid of WWII where, admittedly exhausted, Paras surrendered to lightly armed Carabinierri and civilians rather than fighting to the death or more recently the RIR and West Side Boys in Sierra Leone. You guys just keep trotting out the ones that suit you.

    As for Ahmeddinejad he's a Politician that's what they do.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, but you have to admit - the Ipod thing, well . . . . . . . muhhahahahahahahah
  5. Pitswamper,

    All points noted, but did the RM Capt and the RN ratings have to go to pieces so quickly once they were picked up? It was not the fact that they surrendered but how they behaved afterwards that I found to be so shameful.
  6. Can anyone remind what the RN/RM march is? Isn't it that song by Boney M? You know "Hands Up, Baby Hands Up"?!
  7. s the bird on Have I Got News For You said last night; the Iranian elections were a choice between the Holocaust denier or the other Holocaust denier. So I don't think Ahmeddinejad getting re-elected is that historic.
  8. I have had a word with the Iranians (my old Salsa teacher has a few connections :D )

    They say if you sail a dinghy off their coast, they'll pick you up and give you the treatment... All on film.

    Then we'll compare the two.
  9. She was quite tasty.
  10. So you reckon that all Service personnel would have behaved as they did?
  11. So let's imagine you're in a Snatch containing a small patrol that includes a female RLC driver. You're only carrying small arms because you're just checking out civvy trucks in a peaceful bit of Iraq near an Iranian border crossing and your main force is only 20 minutes away. While re-boarding your Snatch, you're suddenly blocked in by three or four much larger IRG/Border Guard vehicles pointing .50 cals, RPGs and AKs at you in an aggressive manner. They tell you that you've infringed their territory and you are under arrest. You are instructed to lower your weapons while they commandeer your vehicle. You are aware that your country is not at war with Iran.

    You've seen the recruiting ads. You are the troop commander. What do you do?
  12. P.S. Hard though the Iranian propaganda coup might be to bear, I'm still glad we avoided Gulf War III and got our Service personnel (however they behaved in the ensuing debacle) back alive and well.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Allow yourself and your lot to be arrested, keep your mouth shut, tell the others to do the same apart from the big three (at war or not), say nothing if and when they put you on camera.

    Don't mention your Ipod, and try your best to avoid putting on a shiny suit too! :D
  14. Allow yourself and your lot to be arrested, keep your mouth shut, tell the others to do the same apart from the big three (at war or not), say nothing if and when they put you on camera.

    How realistic is that? How realistic is it to refuse all cooperation?
  15. Although I don't believe you can possibly know until you've been in that situation, I would hope that I would behave with a bit more military bearing than our gallant fellows (and manbearpig) from HMS Cornwall did.

    I'd certainly hope that I could avoid allowing myself to be shown on Iranian TV admitting I was in the wrong and then trying to make some cash when I was released by selling my story to the highest bidder.

    How did their behaviour compare to the Marines taken by Iran in 2004? I don't remember hearing as much controversy about their behaviour or seeing them whoring their story to the red tops.

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