RN Carrier Models

Very interesting design.






jonwilly said:
Was The debate settled on their names?
Crecy and Agincourt where being contested by Blenhime and Warterloo.
We can only hope that the RN will one day commission a class of 3 ships as 'Rum', 'Sodomy' and 'The Lash'. :D
jonwilly said:
Was The debate settled on their names?
Crecy and Agincourt where being contested by Blenhime and Warterloo.
Sadly yes. Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales. Seems to me that the naming committee had more of an eye on their gong potential than appropriate names. (and no, I'm no anti-Royal but if I were a matelot I wouldn't want to be a 'Queen' or a 'Charlie')

Minerva (whoops! someone's had them already)

or a lighter note

They could always revive a couple of other old names that would reflect the MoD attitude to HMF nicely:

HMS Arrogant

HMS Terrible

Personally I favour Dreadnought and Thunderer, splendid names which recall a glorious imperial history.
It has been decided that the names of the new CVFs shall reflect modern Britain. Here is the current short-list:

1. HMS Wayne
2. Hms Tracy
3. HMS Chardonnay
4. HMS Blair.
5. HMS Diversity
6. HMS Hoon (gets my vote. He has been a good friend to the forces, and an outstanding servant of the Crown. He richly deserves to be honoured by bestowing his name on one of HM Capital ships.)

7. HMS Rohypnol
8. HMS Adipose
9. HMS George W Bush. ( They have paid us the honour of naming oneof their ships after Winston Churchill, so it only seems fair that we name one of ours after a hugely gifted, internationally adored, wise and brave US President... :roll: )
Name ships after RN/RM heroes, VCs or otherwise. HMS Nelson ( the current HMS Nelson can be renamed 1 -or whatever - Queens Street, Portsmouth ).

Ship names should be warry, Battleaxe, Broadsword, Boiling Oil :!: Though the Flower Class corvettes of WWII and Walker's HMS Starling sound wimpy, Captain Walker and his boys were not. Walker was an ace U Boat killer. Died at 44 ( ish) exhausted. Name a ship after him. If the Germans can call a warship Rommel let's have some more warry names too.

Carrier models look nice. Will they ever be built, who will man them, what will escort them, who will man the escorts.......?

You might consider a name which shows timely deference toward key New Labor constituencies:

HMS Androgeny

HMS Lesbos

HMS Vegetarian

HMS Abnormal

Name one of HM ships after an American statesman? How about

HMS William J. Clinton

It could be a floating brothel and opium parlor.