RMT Tube workers taking the piss

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Deadreckon, May 28, 2009.

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    The RMT (as opposed to the other 3 unions involved see here)want tube workers to get 5% pay rise! For what? With the rest of the country tightening its belt and talk of deflation as opposed to any serious increased cost of living how do these cnuts honestly justify their ridiculous pay as it stands. Compare the skills and risks involved in the armed forces and their pay against these guys and it makes my blood boil :x

    Its Groundhog day with these guys. They're never f#'%ing happy!

    2008 here
    2007 here
    2006 here
    2005 here

    Strike busting. Now there's an interesting use for the CCRF. How do you deal with people who treat stikes like an easy way to take extra days off work every year? Suggestions welcomed.
  2. The drivers are OK. It is their leader who has his own power seeking agenda. I bet less than 50% even voted.
  3. Never been a fan of unions. The "we deserve" attitude makes me want to burn people.
  4. Workers of the world unite!

    Of course their job isn't as dangerous as soldiers. Yes, Soldiers deserve a pay rise.

    But its how unions do business. They ask for 5% and settle for 2.5. If they asked for 2.5, they'd have to settle for 1.25.
  5. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    I look forward to the day that the system is completely automated leaving only station staff, engineering staff and cleaners. Shame that it won't be any time soon though.
  6. I'm a member of the RMT, if only because you're leaving yourself wide open to being royally fcuked around by RFA management if you're not. The shipping section is far less militant than rail and Bob Crow makes my blood boil. Supporting Labour was bad enough but now the cnuts are giving money to 'No2EU' - made up of such responsible parties as the Communist Party of Britain and Socialist Resistance. Little wonder that most of us tick the box indicating that our cash shouldn't go to the political fund...
  7. Yes, because an automated system can follow the emergency procedures that the driver does :roll: , If a train derails, who deals with the passengers or if a pass-comm is activated, who goes to see why, deal with it and any problems? Having been a train driver, I certainly would not feel safe in an automated system - especially when the software on the company's trains was Win 95 8O

    If you read the article, this is not all about money but more about the management renaging on previous deals.
  8. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    It is high time that (former) communist Bob Crow was shown the realalities of the real world in a very Thatcheresque way.Hopefully after the next election that will happen.
  9. A lot less that that.

    "RMT Tube members voted by 2,810 in favour of a strike with 488 against. Transport for London members voted by 75 in favour of a strike with 15 against.

    Although the union, the Tube's largest, has a mandate for strikes — likely to be a series of discontinuous 24-hour stoppages — the turnout was low among the 10,000 who could have voted."

  10. Wow and I thought the general voting public were apathetic! Thats a pretty poor turnout given you presumably either vote by post or effectively your place of work is your polling station.
    Does that mean 70% of the members didn't show up for work on teh day the pollin gtook place?! :wink:
  11. Having been through this with a certain railway company in the south of England, I can tell you that a lot of unofficial and official forms of intimidation/veiled threats made by the company concerned.

    It is a very unpleasent situation to be in and usually they try to sack any union reps for any reason they can find, usually it's the incitement one, as it is a sackable offence (Clause 9) to advise members to go on strike. I have been in meetings with management and when the letter comes from the company, detailing what was discussed/agreed/disagreed, I have wondered if I had attended a different meeting as the letter bore no resemblense (sp?) to the one I attended.

    We were (in writing) even told that they would not pay our back pay if we did not back down, even though this was illegal as it was monies already earnt and nothing to do with the dispute.

    Having said all that, I still think the RMT (underground bit) is way too militant and seem to call a strike each time their kettle boils!
  12. I dunno, the winters ok, but I really wouldn't fancy working on the underground in the summer!
  13. Can you imagine the 'strike' these 'dinosaur like' clowns will engineer for the Olympics?

    Do you live in London? Can you imagine what 2012 will be like?

    When will someone 'handbag' the frantic 'oik' Crowe?

    When will someone stop the 'brain-dead' minority destroying the service provided by, and for, the majority?
  14. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Paris and Singapore both have automated underground lines, the DLR is automated most of the time. I understand what you're getting at and for above ground trains I agree. What I'd really like is a system that doesn't hold the commuting public in London hostage every year. Since this won't happen with the likes of the RMT I do think that an automated system with a conductor/guard on the train would be better than what we have.
  15. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Fcuk them and their unreliable toy train set. They strike more than the French. And Bob Crowe needs a Baton round fired into his face from close range. I would break all rules of engagement to take that fcuker out...