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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. With the checklist nearly completed, with bullying allegations against the RAF, Army, and RN - in progress, the RM has now joined the list. My, the MoD PAssc will be busy this Christmas.

  2. I read this in the mail on sunday.

    Would you believe it the guys who complained said:

    They shouted and swore at us, they woke us up at the crack of dawn, they were verbally and physically threatening and made us do extremely strenuous physical work outs....

    Well hello sailor...

    WELCOME TO THE MARINES NUM NUTS!!!!!!!! :twisted:

    agent smith
  3. I'm a bit surprised at this as the RM go to great lengths in preparing new recruits into understanding what is coming their way before they start. Should be interesting to see how this unfolds.
  4. FFS! whats next? wake up call around 9am with a cup of tea and a biscuit?

    Incase anyone reading this is thinking of joining the forces - heres a peice of advice.....

    you are learning to kill people.

    not learning flower arranging (unless you pick AGC ;) )

    so you will need to be shouted at. you will need to be swore at, you will need to be threatened. the NME will do much worse, so best get hardened to it early on.

    its not forever - just basic and trade (where applicable)

    early mornings is part of it, want to sleep all day - become a barman.

    I dont think its "bullying" i think its the youth of today are somewhat "soft". i am not saying all cases were just pure softness, some i will conceed were out of order, but the reports of "mess tin order" and shouting and swearing, and threats of violence - are all part of it, i got kidney punched in basic cos with the ear defenders on i couldnt hear a Effing thing and missed a order to line out... hurt. alot. not bullying?

    Get a grip or feck off.



    Rant over.
  5. who is dawn :lol:
  6. Thr RSM's pet labrador... 8O
  7. I agree that it doesn't come across as bullying.

    One point, maybe slightly off topic, but subject to:

    My best mate and I went through basic training together two years ago, and there were plenty of beastings and shouting at etc. to be had. Her brother has recently joined up and has come home for Xmas leave, complaining of how easy basic training is compared to what he's heard from us. It does appear that basic training is becoming easier and I'm sure that years ago, the training was harder than what I went through. Surely it hasn't gone that far, that being shouted at and having to get up at the crack of dawn is a shock to these soldiers? 8O
  8. This goes a long way to explaining why so many of the guys and girls we get from training require re-training within units when they arrive. I think that the guys in the Training Trade are now so aware of the career damage that can be done even by unsubstantiated claims of bullying or harassment they are forced to stand off a bit?

    I had heard of this RM complaint some time ago and thought it had all been given a FO tablet.

    And by the way Flower Arranging is a spec qual in the AGC, not a trade requirement :)
  9. The whole point of CTC is to emulate conditions of war to a certain degree. YOU CAN NEVER MAKE THE MARINES PC.

    The whole point is to turn boys into men. NOT MINCERS!!!

    FFS........................ :?
  10. Not just the Cabbage heads Greg, but the whole of the services. Because, regardless of where we stand in the big scheme of things the end result is always the same 'TO CLOSE WITH AND KILL THE ENEMY' and that is about as un-PC as it gets.

  11. The poopdeck glam boys Mince when thay walk :lol:
  12. My lad is Royal and when he went through CTC we asked him (because Deepcut was rearing its head) we asked him if there was any bullying and he said absolutely not... very hard but very fair .
    Where would be the sense of pride and achievement if they just handed these berets and badges to anyone. Good grief.. what do these recruits think they are joining...Todays kids are not allowed the privelege of failure through school and the unstoppable PC bandwagon so, when they do fail at something they always think its someone elses fault.
    As some of you old hands may remember, I am a firebobby and I`ve seen it in my job.They have removed all possibility of failure during the training course in order not to jeopardise "diversity" so that the standard of recruit coming through is not what it was or should be. The marines are amongst the best troops in the world (no offence to other units) but if we allow the pussies through ..woe betide the military quality of the future...bring back a meritocratic service ethos....Please..For all our sakes.
  13. Well said. Around 60% of those who pass PRMC actually make it through the whole 32 weeks.........fun fun
  14. Train hard ..fight easy is an expression he taught me...saves lives I think.