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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Hattie_Jacques, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. Just out of interest, was wondering if anyone could shed any light as to why in todays telegraph, the photos of the marines from the Brigade Patrol Troop were carrying M16s rather than SA80, I know various sneaky types use them in preference, but I'm confused as to why the RM would feel the need???

  2. As far as I'm aware, they've always used them. I know a mate of mine who's father was in the Brigade Patrol Troop and I've seen quite a few phots of him and his mates with them.
    Well, would you rather have a reliable weapon or an unreliable weapon given the choice?
  3. They've always used em

  4. Then why are they using M16s. Even the US army has problems with it.

    It is probably the Diemaco not the M16a2

  5. When the BPT was raised 92/93 from the previous Brigade recce the MAAWC, (The ML 2s and 1s course) there was a mixture of weapons being issued.

    These included the M16 A2, M203 and M16 carbine and SA80. An observation that was made was that when conducting contact drills in Norway after the initial firefight the SA80 users would "Ski like Feck" back along the base line as there weapons would be U/S due to the breech block freezing solid. The remaining patrol members with the M16 variants didnt have this problem. Various oils and greases were trialed to no avail.

    Im not sure if this problem has been resolved with the new SA80 A2 but may answer the initial question.
  6. Yes, didn't we (ie. the Brits, the defenders of truth and the true rulers of the world) buy something like 20,000 of the initial run of M16s?

    They have to have been used somewhere...
  7. If your on about the Armalite AR15's they were issued as available and as required in the 70s and 80s to name a few rural COP NI, Troop's Belize, Troop's Brunei and to others that will rename nameless.....
  8. Evening,

    I think the Brits got the M16 before they were on general issue to the yanks. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) The Booties have been using them for a while and are still using them now. The Dimaco (C7 & C8 ) type bang sticks are used by SF fellas.

    Then again, I've not been playing with guns for a couple of years so that could all be a bunch of hairy arrse pie by now.


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  9. Saw an anti-ambush training film from Malaya when I was very young. The M16/AR15 had been issued as a SMG replacement. Sect commanders and signaller with the rest carrying SLRs.
  10. BPT have always had them, but are moving to the IW now as there is a lack of support/spares for M16A2 now all other users have begun using Diemacos.
  11. One of my instructors at cadets has just come out of RM and he was on a landing craft and he said that most of his people on his craft had 203s. Its just like suiting the weapon to the purpose really isn't it?
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It was a 'horses for courses' thing originally. The idea was that foot recce type troops would carry a lighter weapon with a fully auto capability to give them the chance to 'shoot and scoot' if bumped, but with more range and firepower than the SMG; so M16s were procured for SAS, MAW Cadre (who were then doing the 3 Cdo Bde Recce) and, I suppose, Pathfinder Pl as well. Talking to Don Large and Pete Scholey a few years back, they reckoned that each squadron of 22 SAS got a 'handful' of AR15s as early as 1964 but M16s weren't really in widespread use until the 70s. They percolated out to infantry in NI in the mid-80s, just before SA80 came in, and we got them issued at 3 per multiple: 2 x M16A1 (I think) and 1 x M203: supposedly for brick commanders who were carrying radios etc. Reliability issues with the SA80A1 meant that those who had the clout to hang on to the M16 variants did so.

    Now that the SA80A2 is with us, I personally don't think that there are particularly good arguments for hanging on to the M16 variants, other than to look 'ally', but there we go...
  13. In '66 the whole Battalion were issued AR15s for the tour of Malaya and Borneo,a fecking sight easier than lugging an SLR through jungle.
    Common sense prevailed for a change.
  14. I think I may know him is he badged up like a "Boy Scout" and was recently splashed across the front of a Scottish newspaper dressed like Mr Benn?

    Just 203's strapped to there forearms? or M79's?

    Negative they arrived from Bicester when a certain quietly spoken chain smoking Brigadier took the reigns of 5 Bde circa 91/92.

    As mentioned they have been withdrawn due to no replacements and no spare parts.
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I'm not sure I ever heard him speak. Grunt, yes; speak no.