For selection it's:

No longer than 10:30 on the 1.5 miler.

about 44 pressups in 2 mins, but I know of people who have passed by only doing 20-25. I've been told that they are very strict on press-up form, elbows completley tucked in to your sides so that makes them harder.

Sit ups - 45 in 2 mins.

Pull ups - the minimum is 5.
If I remember correctly the 1.5mile for the RMR/RM is done straight after a squadded 1.5 mile done at a 12.30 pace, you then do the 1.5 mile as a best effort in 10.30 or under.


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You will be told to aim for 60 press-ups, 80 sit ups, and 18 pull-ups. Mind you, most people don't acheive that and still are allowed to start training.
If you're asking about the selection weekend then presumably you're already in Holding Troop and so would have been told the requirements already :?
I think they wil hold back on the actual numbers of what you need to do to pass, they like the go for the max aproach. They are a bit picky in the tests, for pressups you can rest but knees aren't alowed on the floor etc.

As they do the USMC fitness tests you may want to look up those scores.

Get to like them as they are rather fond of them, but nice to look back on them can't pass my blooming PFT now !!!

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