RMR whilst at University?

Hi all,
I'm currently in the OTC but looking for well, a bit more. I have an RMR unit nearby and I'm definitely leaning towards it, only problem is going into my third year at uni and I want to be able to be fully dedicated.
Is anyone else in the RMR at Uni and how do they find balancing the 2?



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My experience of just your situation is rather more than 40 years old but may still be relevant. I haven't kept up to date so don't take my info on the RMR itself as gospel. I assume that as you are in the OTC you are aiming for a commission.

First off, I doubt if it's an RMR regiment - an RMR unit, perhaps?. The RM is a Corps, I believe and has a variety of units, but regiments don't feature. This is quite an important point, because RMR units do not follow the TA pattern of formed battalions and so on - they are training establishments whose job is to provide individual reinforcements. So there won't be proper regimental duty appointments for you to fill when you finish training, though there will certainly be jobs to do within the unit.

I was an Englishman at a Scottish university and was only ever going to get an ordinary degree, so I didn't take it very seriously and I spent a great deal of time with the RMR. If you want to work hard at your degree, you may find it difficult to do both. On the other hand, you certainly need some physical activity to break up the swotting and speed marching is a pretty good option. In principle though, I would say that there is no reason why you should not study effectively and also make a start on your RMR training.

The initial problem you will have is that you will have to join as a Marine recruit and do Phase 1 with a squad. This will involve regular attendance on specified dates with no flexibility. I was able to do Phase 1 and Phase 2 during the same long vac, but I doubt if you will. Your progression will depend on the availability of course dates at Lympstone and whether they fall into the vacations. You should find out about this from the RMR recruiters.

If you want to go ahead, you should discuss your qualms over study with the RMR unit. Don't just join as AN Other - make sure the unit knows about study and final exams and so on so that they know what to expect. It is quite likely that you will not be the first ex-OTC recruit and they will have a good idea of what is involved.
Thanks Vasco, much appreciated.
And my bad on the regiment/unit typo!
The Unit in particular I'm looking at is the Portsmouth unit at Whale Island, is anyone there that is a student?
I will go to the careers advisor/ unit and let them know of my situation as I'm pretty sure I want to go ahead with it.

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