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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by passed-over, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. RMR are currently considering merging Birmingham and Nottingham detachments and are scoping locations Burton / Derby.
    welcome any comments ( constructive ) feelings or feedback from anyone in those locations ?
  2. He's from RR.

    I'm assuming he's asking here as wherever this det gets setup a chunk of their potentials will be from local TA units.

  3. Guys
    not really looking to recruit from TA units as very few x over - just looking for general feedback - no secret agenda here !
  4. Check PMs by the way!
  5. for example - heard some rumours re 575 Fd Sqn - as this is Army Rumour Service ?????????????
  6. I used to be at RMR in Birmingham and they were very well recruited and they had an excellent tac. There is a TAC at burton which is currently occupied by the mercians its a good tac but i dont think you will get many rmr recruits in burton. I think you should head more towards Derby.
  7. Seems strange considering that the RMR have just set up a det that initially struggled for numbers in the Cambridge TAC. Not to mention that they and 21 have really not been getting on.
  8. cambridge comes under RMR London and is perhaps not the best choice for the location for opening a new detachmnet both in terms of admin / footprint.
    note your comments re 21 however Manchester Det have no such problems with 23 as they work closely ( including social )
    i think most people are missing the point here - this is not a recruiting ploy but a genuine attempt to rationalise and consolidate two detachmnets that are 40 miles apart.
    without breaking opsec this would create a very strong det in terms of command , numbers , and SQs - a good location is required with ample space , a good "run ashore " and a host unit that would welcome an RMR detachment and all that it brings with it
    if the feeling from the floor is negative and people ( whoever they may be ) dont want this to work -- then it wont and RMR wont re locate !
  9. whats the deal with transfering from TA to RMR would you have to do a selection weekend again?
  10. Oh god yes!!

    Anyway back to topic - Burton seems like a bad choice as it's a small town so everyone would be travelling some distance. However Derby seems worse as it's not that much nearer to Brum than Notts is.

    Surprised that Notts is having such trouble filling the ranks, might it be lack of promotion? It's only been running a relatively short time too..

    The other choice might be to move Nott's det to Chilwell barracks as then it'd be much easier to get to and nearer the south of the city..?
  11. Notts Det is going strong which is part of the problem - real estate at HMS Sherwood is limited , there is no room for regain and 30 ft ropes - recruits are being bussed to Birmingham on Tuesday nights to get thier ropework up to scratch.
    Chilwell not interested ( understandable ) , but take your point re Burton.
    Derby has the space and there was a rumour the Engineers were vacating the site ?
  12. Apparently the (physical) fighting at the Cambridge TAC between 21 and the RMR has gotten so bad that 21 has had to build a new bar at the other end of the building :roll: Eejits.
  13. Do they have poop decks in their buildings?