RMR Earlsfield, SW London

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pork_Pie, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. Drove past the R Signals TAC (31 Signal Regt?) in Earlsfield (nr Wimbledon) today, and it appears to have become an RMR centre. Didn't notice anything to show RSigs are still there (but as was driving, couldn't look closely).

    Out of curiosity, does anybody know if the RSigs unit there has disbanded? (Unit is still shown at Earlsfield on the Army website.)

    Also, are the RMR giving up their London Bridge site, or will they now have 2 London sites? (Again, their website still shows them at London Bridge.)
  2. I think the R sigs guys have all found better hobbies....
  3. 83 Sqn (the Sqn that was there when 31 SR were still going) has now been reduced to a Troop. It is now called 831 Troop (now part of 47 Sig Sqn) and yes, there are still Royal Signals guys still there. Have a look on the left hand side of the signage outside and you will see the Royal Signals sign.

  4. Jamaica Road is being closed and handed back to the landlord, although the memorial outside is either listed or will be well cared for. Not sure when they are marching out, but Southfields will be, as the signs suggest, their new (main) home.
  5. Yes, we're still here!
  6. I've heard from the Colour Sgt (RMR Chatham) that we're moving to the new location late January /beginning of February.

    Old Jamaica road is (as correctly said) going to be handed back to the landlord.
  7. A Det in Henley, to my surprise.