Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Army_Rizzle, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. OK, Have just bid for this course. I'm a Reme Lance Corporal at a first line unit. Can anyone in the know tell me if I'm likely to get fobbed off?
  2. Pretty sure you need to sub full screw I was but am infantry so should be the same.
  3. read PAM 21, it tells you what you can do as a LCpl.
  4. were can u get a coppy of pam 21??
  5. Well according to 43 Bde (RTC area) unsure of 'other' locations RMQ criteria Eligiibility & Prerequisities states Min rank of Sub Cpl
  6. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Had a Lance Jack acting as Fullscrew on my RMQ. He had to be made sunstantive fullscrew within 6 months or would lose the qualification, and couldn't not use the qualification until he made fullscrew ( at least this is the info we got at the time).

    That help ?
  7. PAM 21 says that LCpls can attend the course but LCpls who are awarded the 'B' qualification are empowered to plan and conduct live firing on NDA ranges until they have reached the rank of acting or substantive Cpl.
  8. My bold: It is still very common for a CO's/HOD to get personnel on such courses,

    The last course i attended (not RMQ) a while back there was everything from a PTE to SSGT & quite a few acting rank individuals, it benefits the unit & orbat to get these qualified subject to manning requirements obviously.
  9. Were can you get a copy of PAM 21
  10. Dont do the Really Mediocre Qualification.

    Do the All Arms Skill At Arms Instructors course.

    You will become SA(B)90 and Pl Weapons Instructor as well as gaining whole host of other qualifications that do make you very employable down the line.

    Its possible to do it as a lance jack, just badger your CoC.

    There really is nothing better than running an ACMT (APWT in new money) for your OC and CoC.

    I appreciate you can do that as RMQ, but do it properly and become a weapons SME.
  11. RMQ is sub full screw and you have to have done CMCQ within 2 years before you do it.

    Skill at arms course does nt give SA B it gives SA K 90.
  12. The SAA Instr course has changed. It now consists of 2 X 2 Week modules. The first module being the Weapons instructor phase. The second module is the Range Safety and supervisors course (can't remember the proper name, but not far off)! This part is where you can gain the SA (B), (E), (H) 90 quals and the SA (M) 07 qual.
  13. Mucker, as a Lance Jack you can attend the course. Its in the PAM and if you can't get your nose into PAM 21 to check I'm right, speak to Brecon.
  14. Your training wing mate
  15. Rizzle, just pitch up with your wedding photographs as proof of acceptable rank. Job Jobbed.