I was hoping someone could tell me whether 15 Brigade run the 2 week RMQ course which covers the 4 modules (CMCQ, RMQ, DCCT & AMS)?

If so are there any dates? (Was hoping for some info for a grounding before I started making phone calls).



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I don't know if 15 Bde run a 2 week RMQ Course. I did the 2 week course run by TAG North (Trg Advisory Gp) ie the SASC in Strensall in Nov 03.

As a STAB you are not entitled to bid onto the course but they accepted me as a travelling reserve (ie I turned up on the day and took a spare place)

To get dates phone the Military Operator and ask to be put through to TAG North in Queen Elizabeth Bks Strensall. They should be able to tell you the dates and possible vacancies.

Obviously before attending you'll need to squaer it away with your food chain - - but thats up to you.
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