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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by CHARIA, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. I start an RMQ 1-3 course next weekend and am wondering if anyone that has already been on the couse has any hints/tips.
    (Aside from the obvious one of listen!)

  2. Where are you doing it? RTC or at Warminster?
  3. Why are you only doing an RMQ course? Only officers and losers do this qual.

    SAA is the way to go, the choice of champions.
  4. Did it recently mate, good course and as for hints and tips, get your nose into those PAMs youwill have an open book test at some point but it helps to have reasonable working knowledge of PAM 21. Also try and get a generic copy of a RASP as it will save you heaps of time when it comes to writing your own.
  5. RTC
  6. May i ask which RTC?

    Will try and dig out my examle RASP etc if required
  7. Sads. Give the guy a chance :roll: . He wants to pass the course. :wink: :lol: :lol:
  8. Just a word of warning on the advice from devilish, be very careful of generic RASP's. (To be honest I used to do them myself)

    SASC have actually stopped issuing them now on the course, as any errors that creep in can be copied over and over.

    There's not a huge amount of course prep you can do other than a bit of revision of your CMCQ course.

    The trick isn't to know the books inside out just know where to find the info when it's needed.

    Best prep???? Get yourself a nyrex folder now ready for making your conducting notes.

    Oh and bring lots of money so that you can buy lots of beer and bribe the test answers from me!
  9. I'd agree with taking a few Nyrex folders for your range conducting notes. Try and take a laptop to word process stuff.
    Its impossible to fail the course for anything other than safety breaches so just make sure you remember to give a full safety brief at the start of the range and to get a declaration at the end.

    If the course is near to home, consider driving in every morning because there isn't that much to do in the evening.

    Oh, and be prepared to listen to MPGS stories solidly for the duration of the course.
  10. did it a while ago, dont flap. i found that most people were flapping the whole course.

    bang out your conduct notes, and safety brief

    dont worry too much about the rasps, just copy everyone else, the DS wont read them all, trust me
  11. Aye Sads, gie the guy a chance......but what RTC are you doing it at?
  12. 49 BSTT, Waterbeach
  13. You're safe then, nah PM Sads he's just recently done his & was let loose with recruits!

  14. But the recruits are still Traumatised 8O
  15. When I did my range quals..it wasnt crack and thump..it was swish and twang