RMQ Course 49 (E) Bde

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by schoolstaffinstructor, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Can any one PM me the dates of the next courses??
  2. Missed it, the last course was September at 49
    160 has a two week course running in March
    Londist 3 weekends over Feb and March
  3. any details thought it was 3 weekends?
  4. 160 Runs a combined course over two weeks CMCQ/RMQ/DCCT you can attend the whole course or just one module.
    London District has a three weekend RMQ running from 8th Feb.
  5. ok I have CMCQ I just really want RMQ?? would do I call
  6. Contact numbers PM'd
    DCCT is worth doing if you have the time and MTD's
  7. Does anyone know when then next course is at waterbeach? 49 Bde?
    or a number for the specialist training team who run it?
  8. theres only one course running this year in september , check your pm,s