Rmptc squad 8810

Trying to track down or locate the members of RMPTC Squad 8810 for a reunion, if anyone knows of the whereabouts or contact details of any of the below then please PM me.

(I am aware that Rob Clifton has sadly passed away!)

Squad 8810.
Dates of Course:
From 06/11/1988 to 17/05/1989.
Sgt S.A.Hunt.
ASI's: Cpl's K.P.McHugh & N.H.King.
King; Cherrie*; Ross; Young; Paul Wilcock; Swan; Chev Orr*; Shepherd; McCabe; Rob Clifton; Paul Chappell*; Hague; Longworth; Pete Lamb; Paul Durrand*;Rick White; Wilson*; Copeland;Brendan McMahon;Shaun Byrne;
Wilson; Burns; Hawes;John Barnett; Goode; Glass; Neil Atkinson; Stevenson;Sam Green; Williams*; Adams*;
Sam Barzey; McNiel; Ian Birchall.

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