RMPTA worth it or not?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by the_almighty_spoon, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. hi guys,

    i was just wondering is it actualy worth joining the RMPTA?
    as it strikes me you wouldnt get much done in one night a week

    so please do enlighten me on its merits ( or lack of)

    cheers in advance

    the almighty spoon
  2. Spoonio. PM @ you.

  3. What are you after here Spoon? Are you after a slag the TA off from a regular Monkey perspective, or are you just after a general RMP slagfest? It may be me but your question seems a litte loaded!
  4. im not trying to slag anyone off

    i was merely wanting to know what the RMPTA actualy get up to

    as im thinking of joining up thats all

    granted i could of worded it abit better


  5. try contacting whichever TA unit is near you and they will happily tell you.

    116 West Bromwich & Manchester
    243 Livingstone & Northern Ireland
    252 Stockton-on-Tees
    253 London and Southampton

    If you are expecting to patrol the streets of the above on a Wednesday, think again. Also try:
  6. MBE,

    HQ 116 is now at Cannock - same recruiting area though

  7. I am in the RMPTA.

    I really enjoy it and the unit seems to attract a good quality of recruit, most probably due to the fact that it is RMP (yes, I know I am going to get some abuse for saying that).

    As with any TA unit parade nights are limited by the two hour time constraint, but we do stuff like weapons drills and statement writing.

    Weekends are more fun and can vary from ranges to running mock police stations during training exercises. There is a two week camp coming up this September during which we will signpost public roads and escort other units down the motorway.

    Perhaps the best bit is full time attachments where they send you away with the regulars (assuming you want to go), this can be anything from a week up to about a year.

    We have had people go to Aldershot to do all sorts of stuff, and if you really fancy it there is always the option of the sandpit.

    My advice would be to go for it, the recruits course is the same as all other units and if you decide it is not for you there is always the option of a transfer.
  8. I am also serving with the RMPTA as a JNCO, and have been for 6 years since I was 17 1/2. I have loved every minute of it and it's much more than "two hours a week"! I went to Iraq at the age of 18 in 2003 which was fantastic. We went as a regt where we mixed with our regular counterparts. My first job was an RTC Fatality. Followed by loads of other s**t!

    During my TA career, apart from learning my job and putting it into practice (as well as getting paid!)...I have got my motorbike license, Car, B+E etc which is a huge achievement seems I am only 23 now. I have been on many TA and Reg courses (BOWMAN, PSPO, DITS), been apart of the recruiting team, adv trg in austria, been on CORPSAAM team, Met royalty, drove for PM Army and CO, been on ex to Germany and done attachments at Aldershot and Cyprus where I made arrest- which is more than some JNCOs have done in Regs!!......the list could go on!!!! The TA will give you only as much as you are prepared to give.

    We have many ex regs at my unit SNCO's and JNCO's and the experience is invaluable, plus it keeps thier foot in the "military door".

    Just go for it, if it's not for you then at least you experienced it. Everyone is so keen and works bloody hard IMO.

    Good Luck!!
  9. Doh! :oops:
  10. Nice to hear our TA are so happy at their work. Makes a change from the usual whining from regular RMP on here.
  11. Don't it just - wish I was in the fcukin' TA! I have met some top-quality TA soldiers during my time in this fine Corps and so, yes glad to see those guys appreciate/enjoy it.
  12. lol a certain ration pack item comes to mind lol
  13. It hasn't fully moved to Cannock as of yet, the Admin staff will still remain at West Bromwich! They parade there and have ran a few weekends down there. But it's early days they started parading there Jan this year. It's a nice building though, sleeping there is a bit crappy as the lights are movement sensored!!!
  14. As for dets, tbh I'd go to Manchester, there's a good lot up there. I'm from that det as well and I've had some great experiences so far from it. Depends what you're looking for. It's new and fresh so I'd go for it. Get back to me if you need anymore if you live near 116 dets.
  15. I agree with your sentiment, but doesn't it speak volumes about the management and leadership of Regular RMP?