RMPs Please Look At This

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by plant_life, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. its not exactly,, going to bring down the govenment is it there must be tons of this sort of paperwork out there,and the normal terrorist has prob got better copies.
    what about a uk publication amnesty ,,,so you can hand in your old survive to fight pams..
  2. plant life...............get a life! Why are you wasting your time searching ebay for this cr@p??

    Go out......meet real people! Maybe a women??? GASP!

    Or discover alcohol like I did.

    Alcohol, and women, a winning combination.
  3. Balls plant life is right this sort of shite should NOT be out there how would you feel if you knew that your enemy knew what you were going to do next.
    Im ok here in my safe house but what about lads out there now facing the shite, last thing they need is these items in the wrong hands.
  4. Have no fear there are people within the Int Corps and other agencies (apologies if it is not the Int Corps) that routinely surf e-bay and anyone caught selling things that belong to the MOD are dealt with. Unfortunatley that is the world we live in. You can of course report him to e-bay yourself if you are concerned.

    But have a coke and a smile and think to yourself what a c**t he is for trying to sell it and more to the point what sad c**t is buying it.
  5. Exactly, I cant believe some spotter would actually buy some of this old sh*te.

    Just found my old chinese fighting suit and a couple of old furry KF shirts that arent on my 1157, is any one interested :wink:
  6. Im more worried the British army including SF teaching Afghan and Iraqi forces our methods and tactics.
  7. Good one Keefy, perhaps if you looked who startedthe thread which I linked to you would realise that I don't sit around looking for Pams on EBay. I have discovered alcohol and women, ask your mother after I got her drunk and dry arse fcuked her!
  8. Anybody got a buckshee copy of JSP403?

    (Only joking!)
  9. There must be 000's of pristine copies of it somewhere! :D
  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. What a crock of shit. If it was worth anything to the "enemy" then it wouldn't be issued to every tom, dick and harry. It would also be classified a higher marking.

    We used to read all sorts of other peoples Pams regularly, they're nothing special.
  12. Sorry to burst your bubble Keefy, but the British Army were teaching tactics to the Mujhadeen in Afghanistan to wipe out the russians, of course this was very hush hush. We and the Americans taught them lot about tactics and ground to surface missles.

    A PAM won't make much difference. Besides a got some great stuff about the Infantry JNCO cadre from e-bay.
  13. I have got a gun drill book for an M109A2 anyone..? Seriously though I was approached by some one who saw bits of an SA80 being auctioned off on ebay front stock, drill rounds bayonet etc and reported it to me. I thought that can't be right so I fill out an intelligence report and email it to our Force Int Bureau (I'm an MDP officer) the reply I get back is that as long as its not the working parts its not illegal as MoD regularly auction off everything so its impossisble to keep tabs on. I would guess its the same with these items.